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Friday, July 1, 2022

Michigan Police shooting Victim Grabbed Cops Taser, Video reveals

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Bodycam and neighborhood surveillance video showed that Patrick Lyoya refused to obey a Grand Rapids Police officer and assaulted him before he was shot to death En-Volve News reported.

The incident drew protests in several cities over the weekend, mainly in Gand Rapids, Michigan n Portland, Or.

The video below is the full press conference from the  City  of Grand Rapids, the video of the incident begins a26 minutes  and 57 seconds, due to the graphic nature, the video must be viewed on youtube, click the video to watch it


The police provided several different camera angles, including dash cam video, body cam video, and neighborhood video in compiling an account of what happened after Lyoya, 26, was stopped for illegal registration of a vehicle.

The dash cam video shows Lyoya getting out of the car prior to the officer approaching the car, then refusing to obey the officer in telling him to get back into the car

The other videos shows Lyoya running away from the officer and struggling with the officer and finally grabbing the officer’s taser before being fatally shot in the head.

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