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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Exorbitant Gas Prices Under Biden

Dear Editor:

I just made a minor mortgage payment at the gas pump filling up my SUV. It was double the price I paid when Biden took office and it will surely climb higher. And all the delivery trucks and vehicles will also have greater fuel costs that will eventually paid by the consumer. We’ll all be paying for Biden’s folly in squelching shut the Keystone pipeline, giving Venezuela and Iran the edge in staying in the money. And aren’t we now begin those nations to supply us and sell us their oil? Do they use safer and more cleaner means of extracting it from the ground than we do? So why did Whacky Biden cause us all this grief by making us energy dependent again? Who will answer me with a response?

Alfred Fischer


Jew Hatred Requires Jews to Fight Back

Dear Editor:

It’s time for Jews to get the word out that we will no longer stand for being beaten, robbed, raped and intimidated by the thugs in New York City who, with the Mayor’s looking the other way have us crawling around like hunted animals. We need the muscle of the likes of the JDL in the 1960’s, under Rabbi Meir Kahane, (of blessed memory), who made Jews stand tall and fight back the bigotry that enveloped the city back then. We must teach our kids to fight back, to speak up in schools and to learn the background of Jews fighting back. It’s time for us to wake up and take off the mantle of being “European Jews,” who absorbed torment and persecution for two thousand years. The time is now to wake up, stiffen up, speak up and fight back.

Irwin Portnoy
Plainfield, NJ


Need Guns to Be Carried Legally

Dear Editor:

I will be the first to admit that here in NYC there is a gun problem. There are forty one states that issue gun permits, or concealed handgun carry permits to law abiding citizens who pass strict scrutiny to get approved. Our state and city are not one of them. Were we to have such laws here, there might have been one “carrying” on the train on which the madman shot up and wounded many. That person could have effectively interceded to prevent this horror. Our “gun problem” is that we don’t have them carried legally.

Sidney Horwitz


Our Rapidly Changing Public Schools

Dear Editor:

My grandson goes to a public school in Manhattan that has as its principal, a black woman. I went to that same school back in the 50’s when its leader was a Jewish guy who had been in WWII and was an author and scholar. No way now. This current principal would be incapable of passing an English or Geometry regent exam similar to the ones I took. Yet, here she is running a school of about 800 kids who want to learn. What ever happened to requirements for this job? What tests did she pass to make it to this level? How did she ever become a teacher? Solution for me is to talk my daughter into sending her son to a private school where I’ll pick up the tab. The best investment and better to see my family enjoy my money while I’m still able to see it put to good use. A sad state of affairs in education.

Joseph Epstein
Merrick, NY


The Evils of the Disney Corporation

Dear Editor:

You’re right on the money by stating in your editorials about the evils of the Disney Corporation. They’ve had our kids eating out of their hands since the late 1930’s led by their perverted leader Walt Disney. Now they’re out to peddle porno and this bi-gender crap to another generation. Sadly, they have the Democrat Party on their tens of millions of followers on their side. The New York Times and other Lefty media editorialize on the scientific evidence for multi genders and it’s absorbed by Progressive school systems and state governments. Nonsense. We must rid ourselves, in a business-like fashion of these monsters who would destroy our nation and world with their crap, unscientific agenda of nonsense. We must join together and speak out, write letters to our papers, challenge our religious leaders who go along with this foolishness to remind them that we still have brains that work and the guts to go along with standing up for what we feel is right.

William Schapp
East Hampton


Time to Wake Up to Inflation, Crime, Etc

Dear Editor:

I’m waiting for my fellow Jews, the Liberal, Progressive ones, to wake up to the disasters that our President is in the midst of making worse. Inflation, crime, poor education, the defilement of womanhood, Ukraine, Israel, gender confusion and calling reporters “sons of bitches.” When is wake up time? Logically, it would have been during the Obama/Biden eight years. Sadly, not at all. Perhaps it’s already too late. Weren’t we supposed to be the smart ones? No way.

Herman Eckstein
Albany, NY


Something is Very Wrong

Dear Editor:

After reading an email from a member of a group I belong to called Nextdoor I became very upset.  Nextdoor is a neighborhood site in Brooklyn where people write comments, talk about local problems, sell things, seek local advice.

I read a posting from a woman, an American citizen, who lost her inhaler for severe asthma while she was traveling somewhere.  She went to Urgent care and they prescribed a new one. Her insurance company will not pay for another until May 5th.  She can’t use the over the counter brand.  So on a fixed income, this poor woman is desperate and asked for any advice from local people. People recommended calling the drug company and telling them.  She has no time to wait for this, with allergy season in full bloom, she needs this now.

With the terrible inflation now, people are having to choose between food and medicine.  This is outrageous. People who worked their entire lives and paid taxes and did everything right should not have to go on line begging for advice on how to get their necessary medication.  I am sure if she was one of the million illegals who walked across the border, she would be handed any medication she needed free of charge, no questions asked.  She could go to any clinic and be handed her inhaler.  Does this sound right to you?  No American should ever have to be put in such a situation where they have no where to turn and nobody to help them get life saving medication.   Something is very wrong.

E. Greenberg
Marine Park
Brooklyn NY

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