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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Crime in NYC Spiraling Out of Control

Dear Editor:

Your editorial of March 18th in which you commend Mayor Adams for his crime reduction measures, falls short of reality. A group of Jewish teens were approached by a gang of other youths on the Upper West side and threatened with a knife, a machete and a club and were called out because they were Jewish. Other crimes abound around the city, many not reported for fear of shaming the mayor. Just walking the streets during the day is a dangerous outing.

Where are the re-hiring of those police who were let go because they refused to be vaccinated? Has the Mayor repudiated those anti-police groups that keep calling for a reduction in the NYPD budget? Where have the photos of a reassuring Mayor riding the subways to bring confidence back to ordinary fare payers?

Where have the voices of the City Council been to call out against the violence that has beset the city since Giuliani and Bloomberg have left? The out migration of taxpaying New Yorkers will continue to grow with the passing of months. We’re tired of empty promises from the party of the Left that is bending its knees to the violent mob.

Esther Machlin


The Cleveland “Guardians”?

Dear Editor:

I don’t know if anyone knew it but the Major League baseball season started this week. Frankly, I don’t think many care about that sport, once America’s favorite past-time, one way or another. How many blink in bewilderment, that the Cleveland Indians are no more. The team that launched legends such as, Bob Feller, Larry Doby and Lou Boudreau, has changed its name to….. the Cleveland Guardians, in the name of social justice. No longer “The Indians,” they’ll be known as “The Guardians?” Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue? Next in line to be examined under the lunacy equity microscope by the likes of Al Sharpton and AOC, will probably be, The Boston Braves, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Angels and the Milwaukee Brewers. Replacement names associated with any of these home city designations might be: “Homeless, “Migrants,” “Looters,” “Minorities” or even “LBGTQs.”

Priscilla Ruth Wishner


The Democrats Relationship with Russia

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Marvin Heiligman whose letter appeared in your March 25th edition, in which he expounds on the Democrats’ support for Russia, which dates back to the Russian Revolution back in 1917. President Woodrow Wilson was one of the earliest “Leftists” in our country. Look at how Obama kissed Putin’s butt, permitting him to take over Crimea and invade and destroy Syria. And who gave Russia control of our own domestic uranium supply and whispered in that nation’s president’s ear that if he won the American election in 2012, he’d be more able to work with Putin? And what famous president with known by his three initials, handed over Eastern Europe to Stalin, killing and enslaving hundreds of millions for over 40 years? You guessed it. The Democrats. If you (want to) recall, what recent Progressive presidential candidate spent his honeymoon in Russia, lauding it as the greatest place to live in, in the world? The Democrat Party smells of Communism and I don’t like it one bit.

Stanley Dortch
Queens, NY


Union Dues Should Not Be Obligatory

Dear Editor:

I’m for making New York a “right to work” state, where union dues are not obligatory for all workers, rather they should be voluntary. Unions use the dues from nose to the grindstone members, while union bosses live like kings, drawing down many times the salary of their common dues paying members. Take Randi Weingarten, the leader of the nationwide American Federation of Teachers. She reportedly earns nearly $600,000 per year, about ten times what an ordinary teacher, who has to confront hundreds of rowdy ( in NYC anyway) kids daily. And the Lord only knows what she gets in perks. And don’t even think about those stuffed white envelopes that get dropped into her mailbox from book publishers and politicians for whom she hawks votes. Other labor union bosses live a similar lifestyle and get compensated very well for not practicing their profession.

Each and every worker should have the option of being a dues paying member and being represented by a union. To top it all off, most unions have political action committees that donate dues money for political candidates and causes. And when is there ever a voting opportunity given to dues payers as to what candidates or causes their union should support with their money?

Murray Berkowitz
Delray Beach, FL



Shooting on Brooklyn Subway

Dear Editor:

This morning there is chaos in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood.  A gunman opened fire on a Manhattan bound N train.  Many injured, some from gunshots, others from falling during panic on the train.  A smoke bomb was set off causing extreme panic and smoke inhalation.  This is just another morning in The Empire State.  It is obvious that the measures that our new Mayor Eric Adams has instituted are not working.  The increased presence of police in high crime areas is not enough. They are all in uniform and none are undercover, so the perps know who to avoid.  We need the gun squad back on the streets and we need to bring back, “Stop and frisk”.  It can be done correctly and according to strict rules.  This is the only way we can get ahead of this terrible onslaught of gun violence.   We also need to demand the District Attorneys charge these violent criminals with felony charges and do not release them back into the streets with a date to reappear.  They need to be held accountable and jailed.

This week we witnessed the tragic murder of an innocent 16 year old high school girl who was walking home from school in the Bronx.  She was killed by a stray bullet fired by a 17 year old. Every week another tragedy, another senseless murder.  Children having a snack in a car, children walking to school with their parents, Grandmothers on their way home with a bag of groceries, shot and killed.  We can not get used to this way of life, we can not accept this, we have to stand up and demand action.  Real action, major changes in policing, and the court system.  Something has to give before our city will go to the point of no return.

Elissa Joy Green
Brooklyn, NY

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