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Israel Must Tell Jordan: “End Rule of Al Aqsa”

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On December 6, 2017,  President Trump broke with previous U.S. foreign policy and announced that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, effectively endorsing Israeli control of the city. On May, 14, 2018, to seal the point, the U.S. relocated its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. So why is the Jewish holy site, the Temple Mount, open to Muslims but still closed to Jews who wish not only to visit them but to have the audacity to even want to pay their utmost respects and even pray there? Good question. It’s clear to us and anyone with a bit of historical knowledge, that back in 1967, Israel forces recaptured the old city of Jerusalem from the Arabs who conquered it in the 1948 War of Independence, and who closed it off to all Jews, killing most of them, for 19 years, permitting only Muslims to pray there. And sadly, after the war, Israeli leaders, foolishly fearful of international outrage, handed over control of the Temple Mount to the Islamic Waqf currently in charge of what takes place inside the courtyard. it’s time that Jews ruled it totally and completely, inside and out for the use of Jews. It’s our land, we are in control and yet Jews are forbidden to pray where they please?

And just a week ago, during Passover, which this year conflicts with the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, the Temple Mount was closed to Jewish visitors, “until further notice,” said the sign on the walls. The Temple Mount Administration’s language suggests the ban could last longer, according to the Jerusalem Post. And Israel’s Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai said that the current status of the Temple mount was deteriorating as more Jewish people were accessing the site. “There are a lot more Jews who are going up to the Temple Mount. There are some that stop on the way and pray, which was forbidden,” Shai told the press. Jews are “forbidden” to pray on the Temple Mount or anywhere in Israel??? He continued,” There is a certain escalation a certain deterioration.

Also, with the status quo. They opened the Mount and let more and more Jews go there. The price that we will pay later, all of us, will be huge,” Shai said.  We don’t get it and neither should you or any other Jew, religious or not. The Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site, the site of the biblical temples. Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built atop the mount, thousands of years later, is holy to Muslims. But they don’t control the city or site, Jews do. Thousands died to free Jerusalem from the Muslim forces in 1967 and they should not have died in vain. For a Jewish lawmaker, an Israeli to insinuate that the increase of Jews wishing to pray at their holy sites is a sign of “deterioration” or an “escalation” of whatever he’s thinking, is sheer lunacy and he must be called out to explain to all Jews just what tree he’s barking at. This encourages terrorism and increases the dangers to Jews everywhere. A sign of weakness and appeasement.

More and more Jews have been pushing to allow Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount. In the past, police, Jewish ones, no less, have ejected any Jewish person even suspected of worship at that site. As of late, there have been an increasing number of visits by Jews there, with a record of 4,600 over the recent Passover holiday. We encourage more Jews to visit Israel and to fight for the right to pray where and when they want. It’s a Jewish state. We waited over 2,000 years to be back in Jerusalem. To live and pray there. We ask the world to focus rather, on the ban of synagogues and Jewish prayer in places such as the West Bank, Gaza, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and the persecution of Jews in Iran, Libya and Yemen before calling for Jews to be excluded from their holy sites on their own land of Israel. The Jewish state and all other countries must permit prayer at religious sites without the ban of such for whatever reasons.

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