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Iran, China & Russia: The Axis of Evil

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Let’s set the record straight. We, at the Jewish Voice take great pride in that for years we have blown the warning whistle on the desires of the world’s terrorist nations to undermine the freedoms of the Western World that we, in the U.S., have mightily fought for to preserve for well over one hundred years. The nations of Iran, Russia, China and even North Korea, together as allies, are hungrily eyeing this globe for domination. And they are winning.

We feel Communist China is a major threat to us. For decades, we have permitted the Chinese to dominate world markets by permitting our industries to move to that Asian nation for cheap labor and tax relief. Their young people attend our universities, taking advantage of our educational teaching superiority and learning about our habits and national frailties. It’s time to call a halt to that seemingly unstoppable trend. We must also become aggressive in our foreign policy. We must begin arming the nation of Taiwan with weapons it urgently needs. We should have learned our lesson with Ukraine. It’s more difficult to supply an island without the connecting land routes that are found in Europe. China’s leaders smell our weakness and have been emboldened by recent events to bare their teeth. “It cannot win a war anymore.” —From Chinese newspaper, Global Times, (8/16/21) referring to America. To prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Biden should publicly declare that we will defend Taiwan, along with allies Japan, Australia and the Philippines. After the fall of Afghanistan and the invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan is considered around the world as the test of American credibility.

Next is Iran. Jonathan Schanzer, a senior vice president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies feels that after our failure in Afghanistan and then looking the other way at the initial Russian invasion of Ukraine, our allies sense that American leadership is weakening. The Biden administration has been in talks in Vienna, with parties to the nuclear deal with Iran and it seems likely we will rejoin that disastrous contract officially known as the Obama Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action but in a weaker version….for us. That will make Iran the nuclear supreme power in the mid-East, threatening not only Israel but the Arab oil nations that we now rely on for our sources of energy. And make no mistake about it, the ruthlessness we now see of Russia in Ukraine will be nothing like those of the Koran based Mullahs of Iran. Look to Israel to be the first victim of an Islamist Nuke. We must start getting rough with Iran, needless to say. Recall that back in 2018, President Trump recognized the Iranian threat to the world an pulled us out of the 2015 Obama deal and imposed strict sanctions on Iran and its nuclear activities. The clock is ticking, ominously.

We see, even today, the reluctance or fear of the Biden administration to confront Putin. Former US Army Chief of Staff, General Jack Keane, opined: “I think the U.S.’ underlying strategy in dealing with the war before it began and after it began is not to provoke Putin. It’s an unstated strategy, but it is operating every single day.” He’s right. We’’re afraid of their use of nuclear weapons if backed against the wall. Strange, that during the Cuban Missile Crisis and throughout the Cold War, they never used their arsenal. Why are we so afraid of that threat now? A sobering thought. A nation with the most capable military in the world should not be cowering in fear of “adverse consequences. This sends the wrong message to America’s enemies, China, Iran, Russia and North Korea, that, “the U.S. is a paper tiger.”

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