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Dem Candidate for Bronx State Senate Seat Outed as Being Anti-Police Extremist

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By:  Jared Evan

The Bronx is officially the most violent county in NY state and also the country with the most extreme left politicians, from AOC to Alessandra Biaggi, the wokeness knows no bounds , now the Bronx is about to get even  more radical ; introducing Christian Amato

During the height of the violent BLM insurrection, which followed the unfortunate killing of career criminal George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer; several Bronx residents gathered to pay respect to NYPD officers with a peaceful “ back the blue “ rally.  Extreme left politician Christian Amato was seen marching with the insurrectionist group Antifa and carrying an “ACAB” sign. ACAB is an acronym for “ all cops are bastards”.

The NY Post reported Bronx resident Wayne Gurman spotted the radical Democrat gathered with several far left insurrectionists blasting a famous rap song called “ f**k the police “ and shouting slogans with anti-police signs waving in the air .

Amato is seeking to replace his former boss Biaggi who is running for Congress in a district that runs from Riverdale to City Island and takes in parts of Westchester, the NY Post reported.

The Bronx Community Board 11 member, and former Broadway producer, was fired from his post as Biaggi’s top deputy in 2019, the Post noted.

Speaking to The Post, Amato admitted to carrying the “ACAB” sign , and made a ludicrous excuse claiming he did not know what sign he was holding up with his fellow extremist comrades.

“Someone passed me the sign and I didn’t know it said, ‘ACAB.’ I had no clue,” he said. “I totally grabbed the sign in haste.”

Amato continued by explaining that because of the BLM insurrection which was rampaging thru NYC at the time, as stores were being looted, and police being assaulted by “activists”; it was not the right time to show support of the NYPD.

“The officers deserve our respect. But we need our officers to be culturally cognitive,” Amato explained. “When there is social unrest, it is not the best moment to hold an event. You have to read the room.”

NY Post reported:

James Gisondi — a lawyer who is also running in the Democratic primary for NY Senate District 36 — retweeted the photo of Amato and wrote: “An anarchist can’t be a state senator. He doesn’t have the character to be a state senator.”

The primary for the state senate seat is June 28th.

“Knowing the low voter turnout in Bronx primaries, it is possible Amato could pull it off , the lower the turnout , the more extreme the candidate , remember AOC won her primary with very low turnout in the Bronx”, an anonymous political insider told TJV news.

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