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Boycott Disney & Its Radical Agenda

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Disney has proved us wrong. Until this month, we thought that Florida’s Disney World was a fun place to go with or without our kids.  It fed our fantasies and let us escape away from our daily woes, responsibilities and worries.  Disney gave us EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Joys to visit. It has now gone from being the happiest place earth to being the wokest place.  Like Will Smith, it has fallen from grace. Its image of fun was erased by the stupid actions of its management. A big mistake that will take years, if ever, to overcome. We’ll look for other “fun” places to visit with our families.

The Walt Disney Company reluctantly but foolishly slipped out of its role as merely an entertainment giant, by speaking out openly against Florida’s incorrectly named, “Don’t Say Gay” bill, after Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis signed it into law a few weeks ago. The bill that began this whole controversy, actually entitled, the Parental Rights in Education Bill, actively protects children from the inappropriate and what we see as the obscene curriculum in schools that would have classroom teachers in grades  kindergarten through third grade teach about gender identity and sexuality. The legislation never mentions the word, “gay” but merely insists that these forenamed subjects not be part of these lower grade classroom curricula.

But Disney’s rank and file workers forced their move by staging a walkout (and won) against management’s logical initial stance of remaining neutral on this issue. Under severe pressure from their workers and the Far Left they posted the following message to the world: “Florida’s HB 1557 should never have passed and should never have been signed into law. Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that.”

We wholeheartedly support Gov. DeSantis in his stance of preventing teachers from teaching gender equality, identity and sexuality in the classrooms they consider hallowed and their “territory.” We, the parents must have a say in what our kids are taught. The teaching of LBGTQ+ issues are not what we want. American children should be educated to participate in society. And it’s not happening. It’s sad enough to understand that most kids get out of high school unprepared for either higher education or to join the work force.

Our schools are already failing in teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. The teachers are even ineffective in teaching the basic fundamentals and now Disney wants to burden them with teaching morals and gender issues to our kids?  Why are they considered experts in the field of sexuality and morals? We don’t want our children indoctrinated in social justice issues. No politics or theology should be forced on them by union teachers whose leadership is already totally radical. Would you want teacher union leader Randi Weingarten teaching these subjects to your kids? Think about it.

We congratulate Gov. DeSantis for standing up for Florida’s students and their parents against the Radical Left’s indoctrination of their “gender identity” and social reconstructing theories in the classrooms. More of our elected leaders could take lessons from him. In fact, we consider him to be a good teacher. We need more like him.

And rethink the Disney Corporation as a kid, fun, vacation focused organization. They’ve thrown their hats into the corner of the Radical Left.

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