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WATCH: YouTube Censored Viral Trump Interview on Nelk Boys’ ‘Full Send’ Podcast

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Google-owned YouTube has censored a massively viral interview with former President Donald Trump on The Nelk Boys’ Full Send podcast. The Trump interview reportedly had five million views in just 24 hours.

Watch the full interview, which is totally banned on youTube. TJV News encourages you to use rumble for a better alternative to YouTube, in addition to bitchute, UGEtue, and several other alternative video hosting sites, which do not censor such pedestrian videos as a Trump interview.

Reclaim The Net reports that YouTube has deleted an interview with former President Donald Trump on the Full Send podcast hosted by The Nelk Boys. YouTube reportedly removed the video claiming that it violated the site’s community guidelines and “misinformation policy.” According to YouTube’s communication shared by the Nelk Boys, the Masters of the Universe censored the Trump interview over discussion of election fraud.

In this Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, file photo, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks during the introduction of YouTube TV at YouTube Space LA in Los Angeles. Google’s online package of about 40 television channels debuts on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, in the tech industry’s latest bid to get cable-shunning millennials to pay for television. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)


The NELK Boys are a YouTube group from Canada that makes videos centered around pranks, college culture, and lifestyle vlogs. Their main channel currently has over 7 million subscribers.

The hosts of the podcast have been vocal about their anger over the removal of the podcast, which gained 5 million views in just 24 hours. Kyle Forgeard of the NELK Boys wrote on Twitter: “Youtube has DELETED our trump episode that over 5M views in 24 hours.”

During the podcast, Trump discussed a number of issues including the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the censorship of podcaster Joe Rogan, and the possibility of a 2024 run for reelection.

Discussing the Ukraine war, one of the hosts asked: “What do you see happening next [in Ukraine]? ‘Cause, it seems like tensions are high. How does this all end? Is this going to be a long-term thing? How do you see it unfolding?”

Trump responded: “Well, and I said this a long time ago – if this happens we are playing right into their (Russia’s) hands. Green energy. The windmills don’t work. They’re too expensive. They kill all the birds. They ruin your landscapes. And yet the environmentalists love the windmills. And I’ve been preaching this for years. The windmills – and I had them way down – are the most expensive energy you can have. And they don’t work.”

Forgeard has been commented on the situation on Twitter since the removal of the video:

Many detractors told The Nelk Boys to simply start their own platform if they didn’t want their interview with the former President to be censored. So they have done exactly that, the full interview can be viewed on, which states on the homepage: “Our Site. Our Rules.”

Trump has since released a statement on the situation, stating “Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Big Tech lunatics have taken down my interview with the very popular NELK Boys.”

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