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The Iran Deal Threatens the Entire World

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If you thought the disgraceful, embarrassing, dangerous withdrawal from Afghanistan was the ultimate sign of weakness, the blindly boneheaded, bumbling, Biden group of idiots have more of the same, if not worse, in store for us. Just this weekend, after Joe told us that he would sink to his knees to beg Iran to supply us with the “dangerous-to-the-world” carbon-based petroleum, of which we have unlimited amounts holed up in our own United States, Iran unleashed a series of rocket attacks early Sunday into northern Iraq, right smack near our new consulate, now being built, that sent our own U.S. troops rushing for shelter. Of course, this was their answer and a thumb in the eye to our president who now will now surely up the rewards for the black gold in the face of the Mullahs’ obvious contempt not only for him but for our now diminished power. The billions that former President Obama sent to Tehran strapped onto wooden crates in 2016 was just a temporary tribute to these Muslim fanatics. There’s more in store. And they know it.

Ambassador Matthew Tueller, America’s top diplomat in Iraq condemned the strike and said Tehran should pay a heavy price for its actions that could have killed U.S. troops. “Iranian regime elements have claimed responsibility for this attack and must be held accountable for this flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty.” Of course, he may lose his job for his “insolent” remarks against the terrorist Iranian regime. The stupidity of this administration knows no bounds. This attack by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, the regime’s paramilitary group, sort of derailed Biden’s hell-bent pursuit for a new nuclear deal with Iran. We find it difficult to comprehend our nation’s willingness to deal with these thugs who think nothing of provoking us and then having us beg to be welcomed back into negotiations that will surely reap benefits to them, not us. It’s mind boggling. They continually send messages (with deeds) about the vulnerability of U.S. interests and allies in the region just as the two sides close in on a renewed nuclear contract.

This new deal, a re-awakening of Obama’s 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would not do a thing to restrict Iran’s missile program, its acquiring nuclear weapons nor would it restrain that nation’s support for regional terror groups. in short, there’s nothing in it for us to continue kissing the Mullahs’ asses. Rather, we should be destroying their economy and military for a free world. But that’s the thinking of our progressive leaders. At this very moment, instead of Iran showing some sort of slowing down their terrorist aggressiveness, they are supporting the Houthis in Yemen, who use missiles and drones to target civilian and commercial targets in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. And don’t forget that Iran is in control of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria whose thousands of missiles are pointed at Israel.

Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, stunned the nation with his words on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” this Sunday. “One thing I will say is that the only thing more dangerous than Iran armed with ballistic missiles and advanced military capabilities is an Iran that has all of those things and a nuclear weapon, and President Biden is still determined to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.” But the old deal and the new one (which will surely be weaker) won’t stop Iran from pursuing or getting a nuclear weapon. They currently have work going on to that effect at many secret sites that are closed to international inspectors. Iran seems to be holding all the cards.

Our fears are well based and nothing the current administration says or does will ameliorate them. The Iranians and our other enemies have no fear of doing exactly what they want to do. They continue to attack us and our allies, stoke fear among the free nations of the world and seem to get bolder and bolder. From where we sit, the future does not look bright. We hope to be proven wrong.

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