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More of the Same Jobbik?

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More of the Same Jobbik?

György Szilágyi, a senior member of the Jobbik party and a candidate in Péter Márki-Zay’s list for the Hungarian elections, has Neo Nazi views.

By: Martin Kertesz


As I’ve recently mentioned in my article, the Jobbik party once described itself as a “radically patriotic Christian party,” and its one-time leader once responded to criticism from the Hungarian Jewish community by opining she would be happy if the “so called proud Hungarian Jews would go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tail.” That was seemingly a long time ago when the party numbered barely just a few thousand members. But did those disgusting comments drive people away? No. The party nearly doubled in size in the next years as they dove “zeig heil”-arm deep into paranoid conspiracies about Syrian refugees, George Soros and other ‘social degeneracy.’


Take György Szilágyi, vice president of Jobbik and a party member since 2008, now a beneficial partner of the leading opposition candidate to Hungary’s Prime Minister’s position, Peter-Marki Zay. Sometimes, one is tempted to forgo and forgive his past “mishaps”, in the name of the democratic process. That would a fatal mistake for Hungary’s democracy.

The Neo Nazi Aryan Army at a soccer game

This man, György Szilágyi, has given a long speech defending the notorious US neo nazi gang “Aryan Army,” explaining they are actually “a grouping of whites in prison and it’s equally for blacks and is actually an “advocacy group.” This is either the height of satire or the dregs of our society. We have all seen the photos of the Aryan Army football fans, and György Szilágyi himself, raising their arms to salute their dead Nazi hero. The same man, György Szilágyi, is on record saying “We live in a world where Shimon Perez, the head of state of Israel, can declare that he will occupy Hungary. Let Petőfi’s words ring out for him: you are occupying your whorehood”. The same man, György Szilágyi has decided to target, of all enemies, foreign and domestic, the honest people of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, demanding to “expel its non-Hungarian staff” and “to take action against organizations that seek to attack Hungary”

This man claims to defend the Hungarian nation, and Hungarian values, but he is doing neither, instead resorting to antisemitism and racism, placing blame for imagined injuries on the backs of Jews and Roma. A familiar tactic. Contrary to Russia’s ludicrous claims that Ukraine should be “de-Nazified” maybe the focus should actually be on true and bona fide Neo-Nazis who are seeking power in democratic countries. Such men should not be allowed to gain power, even by democratic means, for history tells us that, once in power, these same men not respect democratic means for long.



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