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Monday, July 4, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Demanding Reciprocity 

Dear Editor:

I’m baffled by Democrat Jews who still support their party. I hear none of my liberal friends put down the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC or Hank Johnson of Georgia who called Jews “termites.” Are none of these lefty Jews aware of the Jew hating just slobbering out of the mouths of black reps who are “of color?” What other minority came to their assistance as much as we throughout the years? And what did we get for it? We got loads of “Jew hating.” I’m calling for our Jewish leaders, elected, our rabbis and such, to demand reciprocity from groups of color (colored groups) in support of Jewish interests such as the survival of Israel or calling on blacks to stop attacking Jews on the streets. Good luck with that!

Paul Hocker
Cleveland, Ohio


Is Biden Tough on Russia?

Dear Editor:

It’s tough to watch the news shots of what’s happening in Ukraine. But we’ve seen similar pictures before in Syria. And Russia’s Putin was involved there, as well. And who gave Russia the green light to invade Syria, along with Iran? The United States, under Obama/Biden were the culprits there. What’s the relationship between the Democrat Party and Putin? Wasn’t Trump supposed to be the agent for Putin? Weren’t we told that Putin was rooting for Trump and undermining the election so that Trump would win? Isn’t that what we were told for years by the press? So how is it now that Biden is mum on Russia’s attacks on the people of Ukraine? Shouldn’t Biden be tough on the Russkis?

I’m getting to think that Putin wanted Biden to win. After all, didn’t Hillary, as Secretary of State bring her red reset button to Moscow to make nice to the Russians? And didn’t her hubbie get $500,000 for a speech in Russia? All before she and Obama gave 20% of our uranium deposits to Russian interests involved with Putin. So, doesn’t it look like the Democrats are on the payroll of Russia, rather than Trump? Tell me where I’m wrong in my assessments.

Marvin Heiligman
Amityville,  NY


Keeping Promises

Dear Editor:

So far Mayor Eric Adams has been trying to keep his promises to fight the crime wave that has swept through the City since the Pandemic started. He has flooded the subway system with many uniformed police officers and has re-instated the Anti-Crime undercover unit.  They will be assigned to work in the neighborhoods where the most gun violence has emerged.  All of this is great but it will not be enough. The damage that 8 years of Progressive Di Blasio and disgraced Governor Cuomo left us with is very hard to undo.

It doesn’t matter how many arrests our brave officers make if the Progressive Judges and the Manhattan D.A. and Governor Hochul are going to keep the bail reform laws that Cuomo enacted in New York State.

Violent felons have been released back into our streets numerous times after committing various serious offences. Mentally ill homeless have been attacking randomly on the streets and subways. Stabbing, slashing, kicking, spitting, using weapons such as hammers, box cutters, knives or just their fists.  In almost every case they have a long arrest record of violent acts and have either served very short sentences or no time in jail at all.  It is alarming that many have committed violent felonies and have been sentenced as if they were arrested for littering.  The innocent citizens of New York City are paying the price.  People have been thrown in front of subway trains, stabbed to death in their home, heads bashed in with hammers or bricks.  Unless the Governor acts soon, there will be no more tourists coming to New York . The millions of dollars of revenue they bring with them will be gone. She has to rescind “The No bail “ law, she has to fire the Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg immediately.

If he stays in office, there will be more violent felons left to wander the streets, left to commit the same  violent crimes.  Why not, they feel they have nothing to lose, they will be out on the streets again after a day or two.  The blood of every dead and injured New Yorker is on the hands of the Progressive judges, D.A. and acting Governor Hochul.   Everything Adams is trying to do they are undoing.  She has to act now before complete chaos takes over the streets of New York.

E J Maldonado
Brooklyn New York


More Protection on NYC Subways??

Dear Editor:

What happened to the campaign promises of Eric Adams that he would focus on crime in the city? I’ve been looking in vain for more protection on the subways from criminals and those who make the trains their homes and am still looking. These perpetrators of criminal and unsanitary acts are still riding alongside me. I can’t sit on the dirty seats. I refuse to touch the filthy vertical bars and shudder when I brush up against one of them as I exit at my stop.

I’ve been looking for HIzzoner to ride along with me. But, of course, he prefers his private limo with a hoard of my tax-money cops protecting him. I should have voted for Curtis Sliwa. I didn’t. I regret it.

Arnold Maurice
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


Runaway Inflation Killing Us

Dear Editor:

We’re being killed by runaway inflation and it’s getting worse. I paid over $60 for 14 gallons of fuel for my car. the same amount of gas cost me $28 just a year ago. That’s more than double. Who is at fault? Strange, it suddenly started when Biden took office and took off on a war against carbon fuels. Now our military must depend on Iran and Venezuela to keep on moving? And if AOC gets her way, all modes of transportation will exclude fossil fuels as their sources of power. Will Jet Blue resort to solar panels to fly me where I want to go? Will diesel trains go wind-power? And will my 250 unit apartment building have enough outlets for each and every car when it’s juicing time? And those residents who part in the streets….where will they get their fuel?

Perhaps the congressional halls and Democrat congressional offices around the country should be the first to be electrified with green power. Have their A/C, lights and elevators fed by green power. Let’s see how long that will last.

Jerry Holdorff

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