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Monday, July 4, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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We Need Mandatory Holocaust Education

Dear Editor:

Just recently , this past Thursday, March 3, 2022, the ADL announced that anti-Semitic propaganda in the United States rose by 27% in 2021.

In a 2020 study by the Pew Research Center, they found more than half of Americans didn’t know the number of Jewish victims that were killed in the Holocaust but knew what it was.

With the rise of anti-Semitism, we need congress to act immediately. We can’t rely on the FBI anymore or the Department of Justice to fight the rise of anti-Semitism. They believe President Trumps taxes are more important than anti-Semitism. We, the Jewish community, must act ourselves and make our voices heard. One of the ways that we can fight the rise of anti-Semitism in America is by education and not violence.

Many states in America, and just recently Arizona, passed legislation to force teachers to teach Holocaust Education. This is one way to go about it and that’s passing legislation state by state. However, it’s not always enforced. For example, In Rhode Island, the state legislature passed almost the same legislation twice, and books about the Holocaust were taken off the shelves of public schools in Providence, Rhode Island. Therefore, a federal response would be the best way to fight anti-Semitism. The federal response would be for the U.S. Congress to pass a bill making Holocaust Education a requirement. The ideal new law is which, school districts, independent charter schools, and private schools must teach about the Holocaust and other genocides.

This is one easy, bipartisan issue, that both sides of the aisle can achieve. There is no reason or excuses on why they can’t pass this legislation. The framework of the legislation already exists because both Republican and Democrat states have done it. Everyone talks about it and NOW, when the country needs it, no one wants to do it.

I encourage everyone to call their members of Congress and Senate and ask them to pass legislation requiring mandatory Holocaust Education. I encourage everyone to ask in writing their official position on it and hold them accountable for that.

Russell Taub
Policy Advisor and Political Strategist 


Violence at MoMA

Dear Editor:

As a lifetime (to this point) member of MOMA, I’m shocked at the violence perpetrated there last week. It’s obvious that there must be guards stationed outside of each and every public museum to protect those who wish to enter from the likes of the madman who viciously stabbed two employees in the entranceway. What is to become of us when we can’t even spend a peaceful, quiet, safe day in a museum?

 Penny Levin
Manhassett, New York


Stop Picking on Biden

Dear Editor:

Stop picking on President Biden in your editorials each week. He’s doing the best he can considering he picked up the burdens left to him when Trump left office. Give him some more time to straighten things out. The Covid-19 situation needed handling and Biden did it well. He developed and distributed the vaccines and got the situation under control. He’s keeping us out of the Ukraine-Russian situation that Trump got us into. Trump’s conspiracy with Putin is well known and Biden is having no part of the Russian plan to conquer Ukraine.

Let’s all get together to support the Biden administration in its efforts to keep America safe and secure. Ignore the likes of Fox News which should be banned from the airways. We don’t need false news to keep us on edge and frighten us. Together, we will overcome these current obstacles to our security. The 2022 elections are creeping up on us and we must stay united in the midst of these problems. Biden needs continued Congressional support.

Mort Hammer


Federal Gas Tax is a Disaster

Dear Editor:

Letter writer, Larry Penner, in his letter of Feb. 25th, hits the nail on the head by his explanation of why a temporary suspension of the federal gas tax would be more than useless. It would be a disaster. The only way to solve the rise in energy costs for drivers, homeowners and the rest of America would be to re-start the pumping of oil by our own citizens on our own lands for the rescue of our country. For idiot Biden to tell us he’s going to crawl on his knees to Iran, Venezuela and Arabia to beg them to keep us warm in our homes, moving on the roads and competing in the world economy by selling us their oil is lunacy. But expect that from a sheer lunatic who sits in our White House. Next he’ll politely ask Cuba to sell us more cigars.

Are we going to make it out of this mess our voters have put us in? The age old commentary, “The political intelligence of the American voter is an oxymoron,” is right on the money. I’d rather have the maintenance man in my condo as president. Not only is Eddie a hardworking, intelligent person, he wears an American flag “T” shirt to work every day, enduring scorn from my liberal, ignorant neighbors. I’d vote for him over Jabbering Joe in a heart-beat.

Austin Flinder
New Jersey


Dictators & Thugs

Dear Editor:

We’re practically in a war with Russia. China is looking to invade Taiwan. Iran is sure to attack Israel during this year. And our administration, with the support of at least 60% of American Jewry is dangerously close to pulling the plug on our future by giving in to each and every dictator and thug world leader. It’s no secret that our leadership is at an incredible all time low and not a murmur from our Jewish leaders who are quick to take in our money, claiming to be looking out for Jewish interests.

Our interests lie in making this country strong and impervious to those who would take our freedoms away. Where will we Jews go if BLM and their Muslim brothers and sisters have their way? Where are the Jewish voices against the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders AOC and the followers of Rev. Wright? Who is defending American Jews from these enemies of us?

 Stanley Cooperman
Freeport, NY

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