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Monday, July 4, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Biden’s Pick for the US Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

I’m with your editorial on February 4th, “White house SCOTUS Pick Deepens Racial Divide.” Race, ethnicity, gender, even height and weight, should have nothing to do with who is picked or recommended for a Supreme Court position. It should only be based on the qualifications of the individual. Does or should, any Jewish, Catholic, black, white, male or female judge base his or her decisions on one’s own individual bias? If so, that jurist should be removed for prejudice.

Biden made a major blunder when he indicated his choice to fill the vacant Supreme Court justice seat would be limited to a black female. His choice, if he sticks to his promise, will tarnish that judge’s future decisions for years to come. The top Democrat leaders should call on him to back down on his promise and rather, choose an individual with the top credentials for the job. Racism and sexism have no place in any job selection from shoe salesman to president.

Andrew Reiter
Queens New York


Who is Committing Domestic Terrorism?

Dear Editor:

Your article by Melanie Phillips hit the mark and raised many questions. I compare the background of this act of terror to that of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. Why were all the Muslim radicals permitted to enter this country with criminal or suspicious backgrounds overseas? Throw in the Orlando, Pulse Nightclub and Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooters for good measure.  Now knowing the close relationships our criminal justice system, our federal intelligence agencies and FBI have with the Left Wing of our elected officials, can we not come to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy to knowingly admit these terrorists into our country?

It’s too much of a coincidence that so many domestic acts of terror are committed by those who are Muslim and coming into our country with passports, yet have suspicious backgrounds involved in supporting terror? We have to clean house of the current intelligence agencies and replace them with individuals who will protect us from immigrants who have hatred for our society. We need watchdogs at our borders.

Walter Bennett
Syosset, New York


No US Troops in Ukraine

Dear Editor:

Here’s hoping that our poor excuse for a President, Biden will not suddenly announce that we are entering the Ukrainian war by sending in our troops to fight. It’s frightening that this man has been put in charge of this nation. He’s truly mentally “out of it.” Those people who put him in power, who still thinks he’s a better man that Trump, deserve all the hostility they will get if this guy walks us into this war. And sadly enough, I’m talking about my own relatives, neighbors and friends who voted for this walking zombie. They will bear any responsibility for his actions during this scenario and until he leaves office. The blood of our nation will be on their hands.

Thank you,
Harry Grossfeld


Motivating Kids to Read the News

Dear Editor:

Just a thought about enticing kids to open up the Jewish Voice to get into reading news articles and learning about issues that will confront them when they mature. How about:

A Kids’ section

Comic strips for kids to look at

Short stories on their level

Student reporters from public and religious schools reporting about issues that interest them

The Jewish Voice as sponsor of writing clubs and having classes at the paper as well as within schools

Bios of Jewish teachers in public and religious schools

Sports stories of Jewish school athletes

Stories of Jewish sports legends (On regular basis – one each week)

Recipes for kids and their Moms to work together on

Kids’ book reviews

All this would recruit new readers and have their parents subscribe to the paper.

Bernard Horwitz
Brooklyn, NY


Hillary’s Dirty Campaign Techniques

Dear Editor:

Referring to the letter in your edition of 2/18/22, of course Hillary used dirty techniques in her campaigns as well as she did throughout her privileged life. She married a guy who offered her a stairway to political gains and monetary wealth. She will do anything and everything to get what and where she wants. She will lie at the drop of a hat and never face the wrath of and woe be it to those who stand in her way. So many have committed suicide, died of “natural causes” or were murdered with the perpetrators never to be found.

And she has never been charged in any of these misdeeds. Clean as a whistle. Where are the media in this situation? Why has she not been grilled on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, ABC, the NYT or any other “news” outlet? She should answer to the same people as Trump had to and did willingly for years.

Marty Timmins
Merrick, NY


A Potential MLB Strike is Lunacy

Dear Editor,

Usually we read about labor strikes by blue collar workers, those who wear washable pants, wrinkled clothes and driving trucks and cabs around town or tossing cartons around for meager wage increases, an extra day off a year or health benefits. But reading about baseball players striking is, rather striking in lunacy. These guys make millions yearly to play a kid’s game. They play 162 games a year, travel in utmost luxury and make untold bucks more in ads. So, I and millions of other 40 hour a week schleppers, with bills to pay and jobs to worry about have to support these guys in a job that now offers minimum wage of $570,500 and now they are striking for a minimum wage increase to $675,000 for those just getting out of college or high school? How about overtime for extra innings? That’s next. I’m up-chucking my lunchtime sandwich onto the park walkway.

Arnold Blick
New Paltz, NY

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