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Letters to the Editor

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Seeing Hashem’s Miracles

Dear Editor:

I see G-d’s hand in this miracles of survival. Zelensky has used his own history to demonstrate that his is a country of possibility, not the hate-filled polity of Putin’s imagination.

Despite Ukraine’s dark history of antisemitism, reaching back centuries to Cossack pogroms and the collaboration of some anti-Soviet nationalists with Nazi genocide during World War II, Ukraine after Zelensky’s election in 2019 became the only country outside of Israel with both a president and prime minister who were Jewish. (Zelensky’s grandfather fought in the Soviet Army against the Nazis, while other family died in the Holocaust.)

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


Historical Irony

Dear Editor:

On February 24, 1942, the SS Struma was navigating the Black Sea carrying 781 Romanian Jewish refugees to Palestine. They had a chartered the ship.  On that day it was torpedoed by a Soviet Union submarine and sank.  There was only one survivor.  The Soviet Union was led at the time by Dictator Joseph Stalin.  How ironic, on this same day eighty years later, remnants of the Soviet Union, now known as Russia, under President Vladimir Putin (a dictator in his own right) invades Ukraine. Let us hope that the brave citizens of Ukraine, who only want to live in peace with their neighbors, don’t suffer the same fate.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York


Voices Supporting Democracy Must Include Israel

Dear Editor:

These same folks who are now standing up for democracy are silent or worse, when it comes to standing up for the tiny democracy called Israel, the only true democracy, in all of the Middle East.

When Israel defends itself from Hamas’ missiles, funded by the Islamic Republic of Genocidal Jew Hater Iran, these same hypocrites smear Israel for defending itself.

We should point this out right now while the issue is hot.

We need to demand support for the democracy of Israel during this challenging time as it reminds others of how easily it can be destroyed, and how any democracy has a right to defend itself from incoming missiles.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Jew Hating Muslims Get Rabbi’s Support 

Dear Editor:

I belong to a major South Florida Synagogue, whose rabbi seems to be supporting Muslims who have backgrounds supporting Jew hating. It is unconscionable for him to be representing me in the community. And I resent him, from the Bima, telling me that I have to understand the mindset of local Muslims: That they fear attacks against them for their religion by Jews and Christians and that they cannot speak out against their Jew hating co-religionists for fear of retaliation from their own brothers and sisters. This country offers them the right to freedom of speech. Our judicial system and law enforcement agencies offer them protection from hate acts. They have no excuse for keeping mum.

Yet our rabbi speaks highly of these people and suggests we visit the local mosque to learn of the goodness of the Muslim people and the pure words of the Koran. I have tried for years to open the eyes of my co-members to this situation with no results. They are willing to go along with this fraud. Are there other shuls in the area who suffer from the same problem? What’s the solution? Perhaps an article from the Jewish Voice on this subject would open up the problem and give it more publicity.

(Name withheld for safety)


Biden’s Response to War on Ukraine

Dear Editor,

The war in Ukraine came along without a whimper from President Biden. He stood by as Putin assailed his neighbor with over 170,00 troops, air power, tanks artillery and rockets. Yet Biden didn’t even announce sanctions until the shooting was underway. Where was he? Don’t we spend billions on military intelligence? Shouldn’t he have known of the attack beforehand? I and my group of friends and neighbors surely did. We talked about it weeks ago and discussed what we should have done then.

We should have sent Ukraine large amounts of anti-tank weapons and ground to air missiles for distribution BEFORE the attack. Remember when then President Obama with his VP Biden, sent Ukraine bags of Meals Ready to Eat to keep their bellies full, as Russia attacked them and annexed Crimea with an onslaught? Why did Obama and Biden close their eyes to Putin then and Biden now? Yet we were told for nearly three years that it was Trump who was beholden to Putin. We see things more clearly now. It’s clear our current leader has some connection, dollar-wise with Putin. His refusal to help out Ukraine until after the shooting started, indicates he’s on the take for Russia.

Ernest Landowsky


Loves Diversity in Letters Section

Dear Editor:

Your letters section, as of late, has become more interesting and diverse in opinion. I always believed Jews should be intelligent enough to stand up for their own interests. But reading some of the letters, although many support our survival, it appears a large percentage of Jews are still ignorant of the dangers confronting us and sadly, are even speaking out on behalf of our enemies. Are they stupid or just willfully ignorant?

Where are the letters condemning black against Jew crimes? What about the silence or even support for this hate on the part of black leaders who represent us New Yorkers in Congress or in Albany? Wake up Jews! Start to speak up! Write your letters to the Jewish Voice! Be heard! Be proud!

Saul Karp
Merrick, NY

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