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Julia Haart Battles Estranged Husband over Massive $60M Penthouse

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(VINnews) — Julia Haart, star of Netflix’ My Unorthodox Life, is battling her estranged husband over who gets to keep their massive penthouse.


Silvio Scaglia bought the condo for $56 million in 2018, according to the NY Post, and the deal was brokered by Haart’s then-son-in-law, real estate agent Binyamin Weinstein.

One year later, Scaglia married Haart, made her CEO of his company Elite World Group, and gave her 50% of common stock in the company but kept the voting shares.

Then last month, Scaglia fired Haart from the company, and she promptly filed for divorce.

Scaglia’s lawyer said that the company that Scaglia used to buy the apartment is owned by Elite World. But Haart claims that she owns half the company.

The ongoing saga is further evidence that not all that glitters is gold. Haart abandoned her religion and flaunted her “new life” as a happy and rewarding alternative to being a frum Jew. Yet the sad reality is, her life and family are filled with stress, bitterness, and vicious domestic battles.

The 10,000-square-foot triplex penthouse plays a prominent role in the Netflix show.

Last fall, before the split-up became ugly, they agreed to sell the penthouse. It is expected to go for at least $60 million. But Scaglia claims that Haart refuses to let a broker into the penthouse to take pictures or let potential buyers check it out.

Haart’s lawyers say that their agreement to sell fell apart when she was fired.

Scaglia is suing Haart for millions accusing her of wrongly using company money for hair, makeup, clothes, handbags, trips and surgery — and wrongfully transferring $850,000 out of a company account.

Haart denies the allegations.

Recently, Scaglia sent police to Haart’s parking garage to confiscate a contested $132,000 Bentley, but it was labeled a civil matter and the car remained.


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