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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Israeli Gov’t in Cahoots with Biden’s Iran Nuke Deal

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Removed from the public’s spotlight by the Ukraine situation, the attempts by the Biden administration to breathe new, dangerous life into Obama’s 2015, already failed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), with Iran, is keeping us awake at night. It would give the murderous, terrorist thugs a pathway to a nuclear arsenal in a matter of months. And to make us toss and turn all the more, is Israel’s leadership’s mum response to these actions. Just this past Monday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that he has no intention of creating a public rift with the United States over the renewed nuclear deal with Iran, which he said he believes Washington will sign, no matter what. “In 2015, the pre-signing rhetoric was at its peak, and it failed. The deal was signed. Not only was it signed, but after that, ears in Washington were closed on all other matters. I do not get into quarrels just for thee sake of quarrels. I will only go to war if there is a real chance of success and a worthy purpose.” Has he ever heard of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, George Washington or Winston Churchill? We’d truly hate to see this Naftali guy manage our kids’ Little League team. No guts! Reeks of cowardice.

We recall, back in 2015 watching then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, bravely stand tall in front of a diminished joint session of Congress deliver his plea to America to walk away from Obama’s plan to nuclearize Iran. Vice President Joe Biden and his leader, President Obama didn’t have the guts to even attend that meeting. They were both, together with a sizeable Democrat list, AWOL; A slap in the face to Israel.  Bennett belongs with that club of spineless weaklings. Israel should talk to each and every U.S. congressperson on both sides of the aisle, about the seriousness to both nations of the dangers of resurrecting this death knell to Israel, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Iran, throughout the years, since the original deal was made, has completed the construction of nuclear capable delivery rockets to threaten the entire world. They have the latest in centrifuges that have enriched their uranium to nuclear level. In short, with little time, they will be a terrorist nation armed with the destructive power to bring the Middle East to its knees. And to top all of his lunacy off is that Putin’s Russia is helping negotiate the deal between us and Iran. The same terrorist that is committing war crimes by bombing Ukrainian schools and hospitals is being given the job of mediating the renewed JCPOA deal. You can’t make this up.

For as long as possible, Israel should try to prevent the return to the agreement by not only pressing elected officials, but going directly to Jewish Americans who can push and shove and educate their representatives to speak up against this lunacy. At the same time Israel must use its diplomatic prowess and tighten its ties with the pragmatic Arab nations which are troubled by Iran’s threats to them. The contacts made through the channels of the Abrahamic Accords should be put into diplomatic play. Signers, such as Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, Morocco and even Saudi Arabia, a non-member could ramp up the pressure on President Biden, to either keep the treaty dead in the water as Trump did, or re-negotiate a stronger deal to keep Iran’s revolutionary guard listed as a terrorist group and have UN’s nuclear regulators admitted into that nation to keep them clean.

Sadly, it looks like the new deal being struck will include all of Iran’s demands being met. Biden has looked weak in Afghanistan and is embarrassingly out of step in aiding Ukraine. Israel may have to go it alone in taking care of Iran’s nuclear program in the near future. We already miss both Trump and Netanyahu as the world’s leaders. We need them now.

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