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Monday, July 4, 2022

China is “Invisible Hand” Behind Russia 

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While Russia, in its brutal attempts to conquer Ukraine, is being headlined as, “The most hated nation on earth,” China continues to go on its merry way unleashing its bloody fangs on its people and the rest of humanity and is truly the number one enemy of all of us. We’re calling for the extreme measures to boycott that nation in all forms possible. If we don’t crack down on their aims of expansion by physical and economic conquest, we will all eventually suffer the consequences. The old joke of one day having our grand-kids all speak Chinese, is no longer humorous. It can become a reality. A total boycott of their goods and services is a must!

Why?? China is a brutal dictatorship stomping down not only on its one and a half billion residents but its fangs reach out over the globe. Look at their handling of their creation, the Coronavirus and its lightning-like spread that has cost millions of lives worldwide and the virtual freeze of life as we’ve known it, since its origin in Wuhan, China. They refused to sound the alarm bell until the damage was done. There was never an apology or offer of restitution from them. They even steadfastly refused to admit it was their disease.

Why?? They’ve imprisoned journalists who dared to shine the light of day on their internal corruption and their everyday human rights violations. They refuse to abide by international agreements regarding intellectual property. They steal ideas openly and thumb the rest of the world in the eye.  They use dollars from American purchasers to build what is now recognized as the world’s most potent, modern military, already exceeding our navy and air force in weaponry and technology. In short, they could probably beat us in an all out war. They’re prepared….we’re not. They are bullying their SE Asian neighbors with threats. It’s only time before they physically target Taiwan. They tell us all about it. Believe them.

Why?? China has even infiltrated the American professional sports and entertainment industries by refusing to air our NBA games for those teams whose players or coaches have spoken out honestly about that nation’s overt and undeniable atrocities. Again, their multitude of residents, nearly two million of them, all consumers, have clout with our own, America based corporations. Disney bends to their commands. Film studios carefully censor films that headline Chinese villains or that nation’s corruptions. They are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. Our politicians, voted into office to protect America and its citizens have been enveloped and compromised by Chinese agents. California Congressman, Eric Swallwell (D_CA), slept with a Chinese spy for years. And that state’s Senator Dianne Feinstein, employed a Chinese agent as her driver and right hand man, for years. The guy had access to all of her paperwork and files. They are all over us like flies. Dangerous ones.

We’re calling on our citizens to boycott tourism to China and to stop purchasing goods made in that country. Hard to do…but a must. We can’t depend on our politicians or businesses to do this. Look at Hunter Biden. What ties or deals does he or his family, including our president, have with China? Scary but a thought to ponder. Let’s you and the rest of this country work to bring back all of our businesses now squatting in China. Let’s boycott all Chinese made goods. Resolve to spend a few minutes to determine where an item is made and a few extra dollars to buy an American made product. It will spur on America’s merchants and encourage you to buy American. Start the campaign…NOW!

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