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‘Antique Roadshow’ Brooklyn Mansion Up for Sale at $2.7M

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By:  Benyamin Davidsons

A rare Brooklyn mansion, built in 1900, has just hit the market for $2.7 million.  As reported by the NY Post, real estate brokers Jessica Fields and Brad Bateman were amazed by the home, saying it was like stepping into a portal back in time.

The house, located at 1019 Bushwick Avenue, was nothing like the homes the seasoned brokers are used to showing.  “The house feels like it’s out of a history book,” said Fields, a listing agent with Compass. “It’s been largely untouched since it was built in 1900.” The more than 4,000 square-foot home is filled with antique treasures, including ancient television sets, century-old stoves, and classical dolls. The agents said the house looked like a set up for a Bushwick edition of PBS’s “Antique Roadshow.”

Fields said the home has been kept in the same family since 1937, and it shows.  The seven-bedroom, five-bath home boasts hand-painted wall murals, original pearly pink bathroom sinks, old saltwater taffy boxes, and has kept its century-old style, making it refreshingly oblivious to all the new design trends.

As per the Post, treasures discovered at the home included: a first-edition copy of Betty Smith’s “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” from 1943,and an assortment of valuable vintage dolls, including figures of Pinocchio and Snow White.  A rear part of the house had once been utilized as a doctor’s office.  The real estate agents said on their first trip they found vintage desks, examination tables and even old patient logs covered in dust.

The mansion had reportedly been designed by Ulrich Huberty, the son of a prominent German-American businessman named Peter Huberty.  Ulrich was considered a Gilded Age prodigy, who took part in the design of many Brooklyn landmarks, including the Prospect Park boathouse as well as the famed Williamsburg Savings Bank.  Hubert had built the Bushwick Avenue mansion for his parents, completing it in 1900. Sadly the architectural star passed away 10 years later, at the age of only 33.

Fields and Bateman said they hope that the new buyer will keep the distinct essence of the home intact.  The house was named a landmark by the city in 2017. The current owners plan to organize and sell off many of the antiques and collectibles separately — having now stored them out of view for the sale process.


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