White House SCOTUS Pick Deepens Racial Divide - The Jewish Voice
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Sunday, July 3, 2022

White House SCOTUS Pick Deepens Racial Divide

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President Biden continues to widen the already deepening racial divide among Americans by his statement avowing his campaign promise to restrict his choice for a Supreme Court seat ONLY to that of a black, liberal female. Whites of either sex, drink from the other fountain, use a separate bathroom and take your seats at the back of the bus. He did not state that his choice would be the best qualified of all, but rather the best of the black, female list. Doesn’t that sound a bit racist? Doesn’t that sound a bit stupid?

Important enough to repeat: Not the best qualified of ALL candidates, but only from among those who were both black and female. Imagine the street riots, carnage, the outpouring of Progressive verbal venom if President Trump had voiced that his choice for such a seat would be limited to only white men holding membership cards from the Republican party, not necessarily selected from those best qualified for the post. Some Democrat loyalists might even had carried in public, the bloodied effigy of Trump’s severed head in protest. Oh, excuse us, that was already done.

Biden is somewhat of a hypocrite, having, while in the Senate, filibustered against the nomination of then, California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit. She would have been the first black female Justice there. And back in 2019, President Trump nominated Ada E. Brown, a black woman for district judge of the northern district of Texas. The appointment was approved by a vote of 80-13, with all negative votes by Democrats.

Among them were Schumer, Baldwin, Blumenthal, Brown, Gillibrand, Hirono, Markey Stabenow, Wyden and Schatz. Talk of outright Progressive racism on the part of these hypocrites who will surely vow support for any black female Biden chooses for the post. What’s truly scary is the rumor going around D.C. circles that Vice President Kamala Harris is being mentioned as a potential contender due to her background as a former California Attorney General and San Francisco DA. She also fits the bill for the Radical Left due to her activism during the 2020 riots when she, as a sitting senator and possible VP pick, promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a George Soros affiliated charity designed to post bail for arrested rioting, murdering, criminals. “Chip in now,” she said, “to help post bail for those protesting on the grounds in Minnesota.” If Brother George has any clout in this matter, Harris might be the one.

But most Americans are now sick and tired, exhausted of the seemingly never ending, Democrat race hype. They recognize these actions as race obsessed and gender possessed; not good for the country. An ABC survey of this week, showed that 76% of us think that Biden should “consider all possible nominees” while only 23% approved of his racist stance. That does not auger well for the upcoming 2022 elections. And Democrat senators surely take notice of such events. A Supreme Court selection based on race and gender alone will surely light a fire under Republican voters who will be truly energized to vote against the party of racism.

Even liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus noted: “ Would I be more comfortable if Biden hadn’t been quite so explicit? Yes. It carries an aura of unfairness to announce that no one will be considered who does not meet an announced racial test.” Biden’s signal to all white and Asian men and women and to even black males, who might have fit the bill for this incredibly important judicial post, is that not one of them has better credentials than the black woman he nominates. Outrageously stupid, racist, dangerous and demeaning to all of our senses of fairness. But that’s a Biden specialty. Rare traits he excels in.

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