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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Biden’s Trip to NYC

Dear Editor:

What did Biden’s trip to the city accomplish? He didn’t talk of reducing crime by locking up criminals. He did not demand that bail be re-introduced in our courts. He did not denounce Manhattan DA Bragg for his support of criminality. He didn’t point out that murders have increased. He did not meet with any common citizens to discuss with them, to sit down with members of the community to hear their comments, complaints and suggestions relative to crime in the city. He did not ride the subway to experience what we New Yorkers have to go through each day in order to get to work, shop or to visit.

It was basically, a bulls—t visit to make it look like he cares. Not one wit.

Bernie Garfinkel
Seaford, NY


The January 6th Commission

Dear Editor:

One year later after spending millions of taxpayers dollars, you have to ask if Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol Hill protest was worth it.

Pelosi never supported a similar commission to investigate other attacks on public buildings, police stations, private businesses, arson, physical assault on law enforcement officials and billions of dollars in destruction around the nation lead by Antifa and other extremist groups on the left which went on around the nation in previous years as well.

Why no commission to investigate how over one million illegal immigrants crossed our boarder in 2021? What about establishing a commission to find ways to deal with our $30 trillion and growing national debt? Political extremists on both the right and left who violate basic civil liberties that most Americans cherish always need to be held accountable for their actions.

Larry Penner
Great Neck


Lift All Mask Mandates

Dear Editor:

It’s time we took off our masks and learned how to live again. We’ve been taught to obey without question what the idiot fraud Fauci has declared to be from the word of God……himself. First we were told that masks did no good. Then that we needed to wear one or we’d die. Then we needed two. And six feet apart. Close down stores. Push people out of work. Pay them to stay home and do nothing for a year. Close schools down. Test everyone. Quarantine those who even appeared to have the common cold. Then last week we were told that most of the masks we suffered with were worthless. Six feet apart didn’t really help. That kids were basically immune to Covid. All we went through for two years was nonsense. And who is made to pay for all this crap? Of course, we the people. The lower class.

Richard Pepper
Boca Raton, Florida


Not Interested in the Olympics

Dear Editor:

Why should I watch the Olympics? Why should I care about curling where someone pushes the disc on the ice to someplace else with other guys sweeping the ice in front of it? Or skiers sliding down mountains? And of in all places, China, where they used slave labor to build the facilities. I try not to buy items made in China but if I totally boycotted them, I’d be without the basics like my pills and my cell phone.

That’s why I’ll boycott watching the games and instead, cuddle up with a book and catch up on my learning about my Jewish heritage, our history and American accomplishments. China, I can do without…I think.

Herman Kantor


Remembering NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora

Dear Editor:

I’m very unhappy with President’ Biden’s visit to the city. I’m a Democrat and he never met with any group of citizens to hear them out about their complaints. He met with elected officials who stood and sat, listened to him, applauded him and that’s it. Nothing accomplished. Why didn’t he come a day sooner and speak at NYPD Officer, Wilbert Mora, who was killed by a criminal a week ago? He could have hugged the widow, spoken to thousands of cops who were in attendance and made it appear he really cared. Sadly, most New Yorkers, Democrats included, needed his words of support to comfort and sustain our faith in the system. He missed the ball and I’m not too happy with that.

Morris Hauptman


No End in Sight

Dear Editor:

The inflation rate of 7%, which by the way is at a 39 year high, is not going anywhere any time soon. The pain if felt everywhere, not just the gas pump and supermarket. The price of everyday items, clothing, housewares, paper goods, everything is much higher. Try and find a good used car, it’s almost impossible.

The pain is felt the most for lower and middle income families trying to feed their family healthy foods. The prices of fruits and vegetables has sky-rocketed. Oranges are $1.50 for a naval orange, organic milk is over $6.00 a half gallon. Now beef is out of the question, chicken for every meal is all people with kids can afford. I looked at a package of boneless rib steak the other day and it is selling for $19.00 a pound! Even ground beef is off the charts.

Notice how the Progressives ignore this and do not discuss the issue unless absolutely pressed. They have said that inflation is good for the economy! Whose economy? The millionaires? This doesn’t affect them at all. The progressives are using the excuse of COVID and the supply chain for this. All of this is their doing and it’s not going away. There is no end in sight unless voters wake up and vote these bums out. The Republicans must regain control of Congress or this is only the beginning. The beginning of the end for your quality of life. Remember when prices are up for a long while, they will never go back down.

Marine Park, Brooklyn

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