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Letters to the Editor

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Anger Management at the White House

Dear Editor:

At a recent White House Press Conference, FOX News Reporter Peter Doocy asked President Biden “Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms. The President responded, not aware that his microphone was still on “Its a great asset, more inflation what a stupid son of a bitch.” Biden’s response was hardly Presidential. Remember the old saying, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire. Perhaps President Biden needs to enroll in an anger management class?

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York


Calling for Super Bowl Boycott

Dear Editor:

I for one, welcome millions of other Americans, to join me in boycotting viewing the upcoming NFL Super-Bowl. Watch a re-run of Barney Miller instead. More fun. The NFL and their overpaid players have supported the cop-killing advocates, the Black Lives Matter thugs for years. Many players have rap sheets for their criminal actions. The Black National Anthem is played at the event. Last year, Alicia Keyes sang, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” before the game.

Why? What does this song have to do with the game? With America? Why not, “What is America to Me?” a beautiful patriotic song made famous by Frank Sinatra? Why waste time watching a group of low level intelligence multi-millionaires play a kid’s game? Let’s start a trend: Boycotting sporting events where the performers despise and detest the United States. We buy the products sponsoring these games. Let these people know we are patriots, not slaves to watching worthless contests in which the performers slam the hands that feed them. If not now, when?

Sidney Kohn
Wantagh, New York


Succumbing to Our Enemies

Dear Editor:

I’m a long time loyalist to the Democrat party. I was raised during the FDR Era and am someone who will stand up to anybody demeaning our current president and will support all those who support him in Congress. Biden was legally elected to represent all of us and he’s doing so in fine fashion. He is not aggressive but speaks softly to the nation. His attempts to calm down the fury generated and still rampaging throughout the country by the likes of Trump and his supporters is not being accepted well by the Fox News advocates who demean him. They make nasty fun of his still lingering childhood affliction of stuttering whereby his manner of speech is sometimes affected. He’s as strong as hell as is reflected in his speed-walking to the podium before speeches. He’s energetic. He’s always well dressed with a quick, charming smile.

He’s been elected time and time again by his state to represent them as senator. He’s been in D.C. for over 47 years now and is familiar with the workings of the federal government. He has dealt with world leaders for eight years under President Obama and has learned the tricks of the trade. He is respected by all free world leaders and has already shown in his first year in office just how creative his energies have been to keep us all safe and sound. I suggest your paper reflect this true image of our president in order to have the 100% backing of all of our citizens, right and left. Together we will persevere in this dangerous era. Disjointed and disunited, we will succumb to our enemies.

Thank you,
Irwin Hornstein
Seaford, NY

Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment

Dear Editor:

I agree wholeheartedly with your editorial of Jan. 26th, in which you call attention to the calamitous first year of the Biden Administration. How much more of the stupidity, bungling and incompetencies of this president can we handle? How much more can we expect? our enemies wish for more. I for one, want it to end now. I ask my Regressive (Progressive) friends, relatives and neighbors to point out just one positive action Biden has made in his first year, either domestic or foreign policy-wise. I get rants, rages and Ralph Kramden-like responses.

In short, they have no answers because the count of his policies has been zilch, or nothing at all. He’s the presidential strike-out king of all time. He even misses the soft-ball questions lobbed at him by his traditional supporters in the media. And these once upon a time buddies are moving away from him at a rapid pace. Even Don Lemon, the low IQ news host biggie at CNN, questioned his mental stability by noting that Biden sometimes stops and starts during his interviews like his old ‘87 Chevy. When a guy like Lemon starts hitting your stature squarely and fairly to millions of loyal followers, you’re in trouble.

But with Biden’s leadership, go we all. He’s the captain of our ship which is now in troubled, rough waters. The Dems are shaky. Like Lemon, they know he’s faltering, sinking deeper and deeper into the waves. But we are the passengers on his boat. We will sink along with him……if he continues his ways. Truly, he’s got to go. But who takes over the helm if he’s relieved of command? I get sick even thinking of the answer.

Sonya Shendler


Mask Edicts from the White House

Dear Editor:

What’s with all these edicts coming out of the White House regarding the use of masks, inoculations and the debasement of those who do not wish to get jabbed or who have breathing problems wearing what we now know, are useless face coverings? The President knows nothing of diseases and, I must say, less of what it takes to govern. He and Kamala once told us they both would never take medications that Trump had anything to do with. Now they’re both pushing for these same medications? And Fauci told us two years ago that masks were useless. To back up this claim he himself now ignores, look at the celebrities pushing masks for all of us but who are pictured, at fancy festivities, going “face naked.” Let’s face it, we’re all being sold a politically motivated bulls—t story for means of control only.


Murray Kall
Boynton Beach, Florida

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