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Monday, September 25, 2023

Is Mayor Adams Really Committed to a Vegan Diet? Check Out His Favorite Manhattan Eatery

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As of late, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been touting the health benefits of a plant base diet for all New Yorkers. Whether Adams in a total vegan or not, we may never know, but what we do know is that when Adams was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he turned to a plant based diet, lost significant amounts of weight and was able to reverse his diagnosis.

So, the mayor wants to share his diet for proper eating that will yield tremendous health benefits with all of us. To that end, he has instituted “Vegan Fridays” in all public school lunchrooms as kids get to eat the kind of food that normally makes them cringe.

As the New York Post reported, Adams, however hangs out in a fancy, upscale eatery on West 52nd Street called Osteria la Baia which boasts an animal and fish centric menu. The Post spotted him dining there with former Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week, a few nights after he broke bread there with former Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to report on the Politico web site, Adams has made the restaurant into his “unofficial office.”

Osteria la Baia features a mostly Italian menu that is prepared by the company’s executive chef Brian VanderGast.

The Post reports that even though Adams admits to have occasionally eaten fish, he “aspires to” be strictly vegan and keeps to the plant based diet which saved his life.

The staff at the restaurant will not say what items on the menu that Adams generally orders but it is clear that Osteria la Baia’s menu is not consistent with his wellness and dietary goals.

After all, if Adams was really strict about adhering to a vegan diet, the Post reports that he would choose one of many vegan restaurants in New York City such as Hartbreakers in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn or Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

The Post notes that dining at Osteria la Baia “is like a committed nondrinker falling for uptown’s party-animal magnet Stumble Inn.”

The vegan options at his favorite eatery offers scant vegan options such as eggplant rigatoni, but that’s about it.

The Post opines that Adams should invite school kids — on whom he has forced widely ridiculed vegan Friday lunches — to Osteria la Baia to make it up to them.

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