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AOC’s newest cage complaint: Now it’s Israel ‘locking up kids’

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By Bob Unruh(WND NEWS CENTER) Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y., has come up with a new complaint about kids being locked up in cages, but if this talking point is anything like her last on the topic, it won’t end well for her.

In fact, her claim that now Israel is locking Palestinian kids in cages already has brought a backlash against her.

It’s from World Israel News that at a rally of the Democrat Socialists of America in Texas, Cortez complained, “I don’t believe that a child should be in a cage on our border, and I don’t believe a child should be in a cage in the West Bank.”

She doubled down,”I want to be unequivocal; we are here to stand up for the rights of Palestinians and Palestinian children. One hundred percent.”

The response, which came almost immediately, from the American Jewish Committee, was, “AOC, you know as well as we do that there are no Palestinian children ‘in cages’ in the West Bank. This kind of gross misinformation hurts chances for reasonable discussion and furthers harmful biases. You must apologize for these baseless allegations.”

And Queens Jewish Community Council President Michael Nussbaum told the New York Post that such “spurious and reckless suggestions aimed at Israel” are very concerning to the Jewish community, the report said.

Nussbaum said, to AOC, “If you wish to have a real discussion, the Queens Jewish Community Council is willing to engage you in an honest and open conversation. We will defend Israel, you will have to defend the indefensible…. lies and distortions that spew hate and antisemitism.”

He continued, “At some point, people need to be held accountable for their political lies.”

Ironically, while Israel provides top-notch medical  and other resources to children regardless whether they are Israeli or Palestinian, it is the Palestinians who for generations have encouraged their children to become suicide bombers.

Further, Cortez got caught in a major scandal some time ago while claiming that President Trump put children caught entering the United States illegally across its southern border in “cages.”

The problem was that those “cages” were created under the presidency of Barack Obama.

AOC, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other Democrats all pounded Trump during the 2020 campaign for “putting kids in cages” at the border.

In fact, those facilities apparently were reopened under Biden’s presidency, even though White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted that, “This is not kids being kept in cages,” when Biden opened a detention facility.

Biden had promised during campaign to close facilities holding unaccompanied migrant children.

He insisted that Obama-Biden administration “didn’t lock people up in cages.” But the administration had, in fact, built the cages, as Breitbart News was first to report in 2014.

The fabrication about Trump creating those “cages” was broadcast even by Michelle Obama, when she spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

Fact-checkers for the Associated Press, which routinely leans left in its politics, even had to take issue.

Michelle Obama had claimed, “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.” She was talking about parents who come to the U.S. and cross the border illegally, bringing their children along.

Then the AP reminded readers that it was under her husband’s administration that the “cages” were built.

“Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted point made widely by Democrats,” the fact-checker said. “She’s right that Trump’s now-suspended policy at the U.S.-Mexico border separated thousands of children from their families in ways that had not been done before. But what she did not say is that the very same ‘cages’ were built and used in her husband’s administration, for the same purpose of holding migrant kids temporarily.”

The AP described the “cages” as “chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants were temporarily housed, separated by sex and age.”

Democrats earlier had used an image of those “cages” to try to undermine Trump’s presidency, but abruptly withdrew the image when it was revealed it was taken from Obama’s presidency, not Trump’s.

That the “cages” were an Obama project was confirmed by no less that one of Obama’s top officials.

“I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama under (Homeland Security) Secretary Jeh Johnson,” said Thomas Homan, Obama’s executive associate director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I was there … when it was built,” he said, reported Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also was caught, when the Blaze reported she assured Americans that Democrats never would put children in cages, even though they had.

AOC also apparently staged a crying fit in front of an empty parking lot – which the video suggested contained caged children.

She also at one point accused President Trump of putting kids in “concentration camps.”

Back in 2018, photos showed her crying and covering her face with her hand suggested she was reacting to the sight of inhumane treatment of migrant children by immigration authorities.

But photos from different angles indicate she was facing an empty parking lot and police officers.

And the video posted on Twitter by Jack Posobiec, a correspondent and host for One America News Network confirms that.

Twitter user Bobby Dread noted Ocasio-Cortez was at the site visited by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a migrant “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas.

While Ocasio-Cortez claims she was reacting to seeing children in “cages,” it’s clear she was looking at a road with armed Customs and Border Protection agents guarding a building in the background, he said.

“So, it is purely staged. Notice all her photos are at an angle among the fence & not through the fence,” he wrote on Twitter. “How poignant would it have been to show migrant children trapped in the other side of the fence from Sandy Cortez? So why didn’t they? There was nothing but a building & road!”

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