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Woke USA Today Column Calls For California to “Abolish Parenthood”

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By Jared Evan

A recent column in USA Today calls for the state of California to “abolish parenthood”, putting the government in charge of childrearing statewide in the name of “equity.” The write calls for what he coins “universal orphanhood”.

This wasn’t published in a communist newsletter or website.  Yes, you read that correctly USA Today chose to give this a large forum.

In the op-ed titled, “California should abolish parenthood in the name of equity(LINK)“, Zócalo Public Square editor Joe Mathews argued that for the state to enshrine “equity” as its “highest value”, parents should be stripped of their “power” over their children.

Zócalo Public Square is an affiliate of Arizona State University and is a not-for-profit Ideas Exchange that blends live events and humanities journalism

“Fathers and mothers with greater wealth and education are more likely to transfer these advantages to their children, compounding privilege over generations,” Mathews wrote in the column published Thursday.

“As a result, children of less advantaged parents face an uphill struggle, social mobility has stalled, and democracy has been corrupted. More Californians are abandoning the dream; a recent Public Policy Institute of California poll found declining belief in the notion that you can get ahead through hard work.”

“My solution — making raising your own children illegal — is simple, and while we wait for the legislation to pass, we can act now: the rich and poor should trade kids, and homeowners might swap children with their homeless neighbors.”

The author becomes more unhinged as the article proceeds. It is quite amazing out of thousands of articles available from contributing writers,  USA Today chose this psychotic dribble.

Matthews continued…

“The left’s introduction of anti-racism and gender identity in schools faces a bitter backlash from parents. Ending parenthood would end the backlash, helping dismantle white supremacy and outdated gender norms. Democrats also would have the opportunity to build a new pillar of the safety net — a child-raising system called “Foster Care for All.”  

Over on the right, Republicans are happy to jettison parents’ rights in pursuit of their greatest passions, like violating migrant rights. Once you’ve gone so far as to take immigrant children from their parents and put them in border concentration camps, it’s a short walk to separating all Americans from their progeny.

In other words, ending traditional parenthood and replacing it with government control, would end “white supremacy” and don’t forget conservatives are evil, racist demons, who want to take children away from “immigrant children”.

This unhinged rant sounds like something a mentally ill homeless person would be mumbling to themselves before attempting to push an innocent person in front of a subway train.

In today’s corporate media environment, this screed gets published in a national publication, which used to be quite influential. Is it any wonder mainstream media such as  CNN is collapsing along with most traditional media, including USA Today?

USA Today will claim that the opinions in the op-ed section do not reflect the opinions of the publication itself. If that is the case, why did they choose to give this, unhinged communist trash a forum?  There are thousands upon thousands of op-eds waiting to be published, but USA Today went with deranged stupidity.


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