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The Real Facebook Culprit: Sheryl Sandberg

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Our readers and followers of the Jewish Voice are by now well aware of the attention and scrutiny we’ve given to Facebook and its top controllers, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg over the years. We’ve done so to sound the alarm bell of the mounting power of this monster of a worldwide organization and sadly, we’ve earned their punishment, for our organization’s exposure of their real threat to our society. We’ll live with it and continue to do our job of exposing them. That’s what we do.

Within the last year, the number of citizens of the fictitious nation of Zuckerberg Land grew to a population of over 2.9 billion. These loyal, devoted “users” of Facebook (or the other way around) account for more humans than reside in the two most populous countries on earth, China and India———combined. These people are the tasty morsels that prodded the advertisers of this giant outfit to pour in over $54 billion in the first half of 2021 alone.

That exceeds the gross domestic product of nearly every nation on the planet. And it’s still growing. Nothing appears to stand in its way. And much of Facebook’s success is blamed on Ms. Sandberg, its chief operating officer who many concede to be the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley, and perhaps in all of the business world. Her book, Lean In sold more than 4 million copies making her a possible future US Treasury selection or even a potential presidential candidate. Women in the know adore her. Power leads to more power.

It was recently reported that Sandberg represented the driving force behind Facebook’s decision not to apologize for their egregious behavior in terms of blatant censorship of views that are seemingly abhorrent to them or the fact that they have chosen the path of discrediting whistleblower Frances Haugen. Sandberg wields more power and influence at Facebook than any other executive and in these times in which our individual freedoms are under threat and our right of free speech is on life support, the last thing we need is an executive with a “deep state” agenda.

Let’s not forget that Facebook’s Zuckerberg donated $400 million to Democratic candidates in recent elections and has been trying to play both sides of the aisle in Congress to circumvent the kind of scrutiny that Facebook has been under for legitimate reasons.

In terms of censorship, the Jewish Voice has faced the wrath of the social media titan. In May of 2018, Facebook launched a shadow banning campaign against the Jewish Voice at the point where we were garnering significant numbers of followers. In their attempts to silence the Jewish Voice from delivering the news in an accurate and professional manner, they used their power and their algorithms to keep people away from the truth that the Jewish Voice was consistently promulgating. We know that we are not the only ones whose voice has been suppressed and we say “Shame on Facebook!”

But Facebook seems to have been hit with a welcoming recent string of scandals. During the last year, Facebook Whistle-blower, Frances Haugen uncovered some of the hidden truths and dirty little secrets, never revealed before of that company. They were accused of knowingly hosting hate speech and illegal activity over election misinformation. Haugen’s damning forthcomings before the U.S. Congress indicated Face-book’s prioritizing profits over public safety and its use of its enormous reach over the world in its focus on electioneering for candidates of its own liking. The New York Post reported that Haugen has leaked internal corporate memos showing Facebook’s negative effects on teen mental health, its apparent hesitancy to crack down on human trafficking and its expanding role in involvement in political issues.

Facebook is a power to be reckoned with and in 2022, let’s all resolve to boldly speak truth to power and to rally everyone around the noble cause of freedom of speech for all and not only for those views that Facebook deems justified.

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