Out of Touch Billionaire Ron Lauder Slams Hochul’s Mail-In Voting Plan - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Out of Touch Billionaire Ron Lauder Slams Hochul’s Mail-In Voting Plan

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By: Mario Mancini

Carl Campanile of The New York Post is reporting, “Conservative billionaire cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder is taking on Gov. Kathy Hochul over her push to allow universal no-questions-asked mail-in voting — even though voters rejected the move in November. The super PAC Safe Together in New York, bankrolled by Lauder, is currently airing a radio ad blasting Hochul over her continued support for a permanent option for everyone to be able to vote by mail”.

The New York Post reports that, “Albany had approved a law that temporarily allowed the measure during the COVID pandemic to prevent transmission of the deadly bug at the polls. But the state Board of Elections struggled with the massive expansion of mail-in balloting during the 2020 general election, including sending the wrong information to thousands of voters”. According to Campanile, “Republicans and conservatives have long complained that mail-in balloting is more susceptible to voter fraud. Governor Hochul, as with her fellow Democrats, has defended the expansion of mail-in balloting as a way of increasing voter participation. “A high priority of mine, particularly the assault on voting rights that’s going around the country, I want them to know that New York state will be a leader,” Hochul said at the time. “We have not been a leader in the past.” “Hochul, who complained that it took too long to authorize early voting in New York, added, “I believe that everyone should be able to vote by mail. “That is a radical proposition to some, and others, it just makes sense”.

Ronald Lauder, as a Republican, made a bid to become the mayor of New York City in 1989, losing to Rudy Giuliani in the Republican primary. Lauder had a much larger campaign fund than Guiliani, that he bankrolled himself, but still didn’t manage to get past him. The Jewish Voice believes in his stance, that the state should not allow mail-in voting, but questions anything Lauder does, as he uses his money to further all sorts of political beliefs that he personally agrees with giving little thought to how the majority of New Yorkers, or the rest of America, lives. Ron Lauder had the full backing of the GOP establishment, yet his efforts and millions of wasted dollars was a complete failure.

“While Lauder is correct on the mail in voting issue, Lauder should stay far away from politics based on his abysmal track records and stick to philanthropy and perfumes. The last thing the NYC GOP needs is a out of touch billionaire, representing the conservative voice of heavily blue New York, especially NYC, people associate him with NYC billionaires, there has to be a better voice in this fight against corrupt Democrat ballot box trickery”, an insider in the NYC Republican party told TJV News.

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