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New York Leads U.S. in Daily Average of Coronavirus Cases per Capita

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HANNAH BLEAU Blue New York on Wednesday led the United States in the daily average of Chinese coronavirus cases per capita, despite Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) mask ultimatum to businesses and New York City’s extensive vaccine requirements for workers as well as patrons of private establishments.

According to the New York Times’ coronavirus tracker, New York led the country in new cases of the virus per 100,000, overtaking Washington, DC, which previously held the top spot. As of Wednesday, New York is reporting a daily average of 342 cases per capita, reflecting a 243 percent rise in the last 14 days. It is also reporting a daily average of 50 hospitalizations per 100,000 — an increase of 110 percent over the last 14 days as well. 

New Jersey follows, reporting a daily average of 331 cases per 100,000. D.C., which also has vaccine and mask mandates in place,  is still in the top five, reporting a daily average of 301 cases per capita.

New York’s status comes despite the fact that Gov. Hochul extended the state’s mask requirement, which requires businesses to either check the vaccination status of patrons or implement a sweeping mask mandate. Last week, she took her calls a step further, scolding unvaccinated Americans and suggesting that there is no reason they should not get the shot.

“There is no reason why anyone in the state of New York cannot get their arms jabbed with a vaccine,” Hochul said, urging parents to get their young children vaccinated as well.

Meanwhile, New York City alone reported 28,867 new cases of the virus on Tuesday, moving the 7-day average to 38,137, despite its status of having some of the most stringent vaccine mandates in the country. Children ages 5-11, for example, are now included in the Key to NYC Pass program, as former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) issued an ultimatum to parents, warning that their children will now be denied entry to basic social functions such as indoor restaurants if they do not get the jab. (Breitbart News) 

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