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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Is Adams Another DeBlasio?

Dear Editor,

You’ve touted NYC Mayor Adams in the past, hoping that he’d be the savior of the city. This past week’s violence in the city was over the top with cop shootings, murders and street crimes. Where is Adams? Why isn’t he speaking out in prime time, in our communities, at the scenes of crimes, visiting the grieving families? Doing something? Is he another DiBlasio? Have we been fooled again by another Progressive politician? Are we dumb or what?

Arnold Bender


Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Connection

Dear Editor:

At this stage of the game, I’m worried about a possible war between us and Russia over the Ukraine. Why are we so concerned about them? Has it got anything to do with Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Ukrainian leaders and their energy companies? Why are we all kept in the dark about these items? The media is complicit in our ignorance. The New York Times, Daily News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and PBS all have the same news sources. They need more competition.

Marsha Putterman
Massapequa, NY


Lauding Tom Brady as Patriot

Dear Editor:

Too bad that Tampa Bay lost to the LA Rams this past weekend. Tom Brady, the quarterback for Tampa will surely go down as one of the greatest in NFL history. I would have liked to see him win another Super Bowl. You should do an interview with him. He’s not only a great athlete but a super patriot, as well. He’s outspoken and fearless.

Morris Shaw
Linden, NJ


The Continuing Border Crisis

Dear Editor:

Did President Biden and Vice President Harris reassign South Park’s Officer Barbrady to the United States/Mexican Border to assist the Border Patrol security forces. In response to a question from a reporter who wanted to see first hand what was going on, Officer Barbrady said “Nothing to see here, move along.” Over one million illegal immigrants smiled as they also took Officer Barbrady’s advice in 2021 and continued to move along across the border. Even more will do the same in 2022. No time to test for or take any vaccines to deal with COVID-19. No need to carry any id cards when traveling around the nation that they have been vaccinated.

Larry Penner
Great Neck


Thoughts on Covid-19 Variants

Dear Editor:

I’m of the opinion that the threats of the Delta, Covid and Omicron viruses are being used by our leaders to keep us under their thumbs. There’s no better way for them to get our private information and use it against us when the time comes to get us to do their biddings. I see a future where we will all march to their drummers, all under the dictatorship-like administration we have in power now.

Edward Krasnick
Tarrytown, NY


What’s Happening to Our Country?

Dear Editor,

My child attends a high school for gifted students in New York City and was verbally attacked by one of his teachers for being white, as well as coming from an affluent home and being born with anti-black genes. And this was done right in the classroom with other students looking on. My son responded and was not supported by any of his classmates, many of them also white. What’s happening to our schools and what will become of those who are infected with the lies of their teachers? There will surely be some who will protest but where are those in support of democracy? What’s happening to our country?

Name Witheld for
Writer’s Safety


Less Talk; More Action!

Dear Editor:

I realize that Mayor Adams has only been Mayor of New York City for a few weeks, but it is time for less talk and more action. He has given press conference after press conference in these first 3 weeks and all the while people are dying in the streets. Innocent citizens, children getting shot, stores robbed at gunpoint, people being pushed in front of oncoming subway trains. This mounting violence culminated in the murder of Police officer Jason Rivera only 22 and the severe wounding of Officer Wilbert Mora who is still fighting for his life.

If not for the hero rookie Sumit Sulan, who shot the violent perp Lashaw McNeil, who knows how many others would be having a funeral this week? It is going to take more than empty words to stop this wave of violence that started when all of the Progressive Socialist Mayors of America went along with the cry to “Defund Police”. Millions of dollars were taken from police departments across America. Lenient judges and corrupt District Attorneys are allowing violent criminals back in the streets with a slap on the wrist, no bail and a warning with a ticket to appear back in court.

This has to end and end now! Just putting more police on the streets is a start but it will not stop this tsunami of violence and murder. Bringing back the undercover detectives is another. Above all, going back to putting violent criminals behind bars and keeping them there is the way to begin to give us back our city.

Elissa Maldonado
Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

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