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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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New Yorkers Must Wake Up!

Dear Editor:

Your editorial on the new Manhattan DA hit the nail on the head. It’s time for all New Yorkers to either wake up to the reality of whites being treated as “lower classes,” or get out of town. The likes of Al Sharpton and the BLM thugs rule the town. But the votes to support these haters have to come from whites and Hispanics, who are in the majority in the city. Why do these groups vote repeatedly against their own safety and welfare? The City Council is composed of a bunch of Left Wing lunatics who have bankrupted the city, yet they continue to rule. Look at the re-election of AOC. And for sure, she’ll run against and beat Schumer next year. Chuck, an ass-kisser to the radicals for years will see what loyalty these people have. As you conclude in many of your editorials, “Wake up now!”

Bernard Siegel
Brooklyn, NY


$6 Billion Grant for MTA

Dear Editor:

There is more to Senator Schumer’s announcement that the Federal Transit Administration released a $6 billion dollar grant to the MTA for CARE COVID-19 relief. This grant brings the total amount of CARE COVID-19 relief funding from Washington for the MTA to $14 billion. What Schumer neglected to mention was how much of these funds have been paid for rather than how much have been borrowed adding to our $29 trillion and growing national debt. He said “it is a public service and the higher percentage we get from city, state and federal help the better.”

Funding for the MTA has always been a four way partnership between what riders pay at the farebox along with city, state and federal funding. Commuters and Washington always ante up. Will Schumer hold one of his press conferences to ask Governor Kathy Hochul, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Steward Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to increase Albany’s contribution? Will he also ask NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Comptroller Brad Ladner, and NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams increase City Hall’s contribution? Schumer never explained why many other transit agencies around the nation already received their second and third rounds of funding ahead of the MTA.

Larry Penner


Mask Edicts from the White House

Dear Editor:

What’s with all these edicts coming out of the White House regarding the use of masks, inoculations and the debasement of those who do not wish to get jabbed or who have breathing problems wearing what we now know, are useless face coverings? The President knows nothing of diseases and, I must say, less of what it takes to govern. He and Kamala once told us they both would never take medications that Trump had anything to do with. Now they’re both pushing for these same medications? And Fauci told us two years ago that masks were useless. To back up this claim he himself now ignores, look at the celebrities pushing masks for all of us but who are pictured, at fancy festivities, going “face naked.” Let’s face it, we’re all being sold a politically motivated bulls—t story for means of control only.

Murray Kall
Boynton Beach, Florida


Questioning UK Authorities

Dear Editor:

The terrorist who held Jews hostage in Texas was most probably known as such by British authorities. Did they notify American immigration officials of the nature of this guy? How did he get in this country? When will we get answers to these questions? Who will press for this information? When will we get it? Who knows?

Sidney Kaminoff
East Hampton, NY


Security for Jewish Establishments

Dear Editor:

Will every synagogue, yeshiva and kosher retail establishment now be in danger of another terrorist doing his or her thing by holding them hostage for some crazy demand? Where is the Jewish leadership of our communities in holding seminars or forums about this old but now recent threat? We need more groups like the old JDL to protect us an teach us how to respond on our own. We have to stick by one another now more than ever. Mostly we have to wake up to the threats to all of us, Democrats and Republicans. They’re after us no matter if we’re religious or not, or what our party affiliations are. We are all targets.

Moshe Lindell
Asbury Park, NJ


The Problems with Our Public Schools

Dear Editor:

What happens to students who missed over two years of schooling in our public schools? Have they been promoted to the next grade without fulfilling the requirements to do so? Have last year’s junior high school seniors been graduated to high schools? How have colleges admitted kids who never fulfilled last year’s high school senior educations? Will the next few years under education of our kids be reflected in a dumber class of professionals in the near future? Does this hold true for future medical and other top professions? Who is telling us?

Robert Morgan
Merrick, NY

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