Lawsuit Alleges NYC Squatters are Disrupting Neighbors with “Loud Sex” at Chelsea Bldg - The Jewish Voice
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Lawsuit Alleges NYC Squatters are Disrupting Neighbors with “Loud Sex” at Chelsea Bldg

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By: Ellen Cans

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that neighbors at a Manhattan building in Chelsea are at their wits end in dealing with a pair of disruptive sub-leasers, turned squatters.

As reported by the NY Post, life at the seven-floor apartment building at 216 Seventh Ave has turned unbearable for residents, thanks to wall-shaking arguments paired with “very loud” sex, as per court papers. The disturbance is reportedly caused by Andrew Brokman, 32, and Joseph Cignarale, 28, who have brought “rampant drug use, fighting, screaming, and overall nuisance” to the building. The legal complaint also alleges that the named defendants have failed to pay any rent for over a year.

The problems began when the tenant of record, David Marshall, lost his job as a yoga instructor and moved to the South when the pandemic shuttered the city. He started legally subletting the one-bedroom apartment as of September 2020. Brokman, a longtime city employee, moved into the third floor pad, and the complaints started rolling in. Neighbors complained that “noxious smoke” emanated from the pad, as per court records.

More complaints of “fighting, yelling, walls shaking” and “very loud sounds of sexual intercourse” coming from the unit, were filed by neighbors as per the Manhattan Housing Court papers. The pair is also accused of dumping garbage in common areas, and threatening the building’s superintendent. Conflicts from within the apartment have forced neighbors to call the police 13 times, as per the litigation.

Marshall told the Post, he feels terrible about it and never meant for there to be a disturbance at the building, located between 22nd and 23rd street. “I was scrambling. I needed to find a tenant. I felt desperate. I didn’t run background checks on them, I didn’t do my due diligence,” he said. “I feel responsible. I want to clean this mess up.”

Brokman fervently denied all allegations, insisting he never even lived in the apartment. “This is all defamatory and will all get thrown out in regards to me,” said Brokman, who claimed he and Cignarale were just friends. Cignarale commented to say Marshall overcharged him on rent. He calling the accusations “exaggerated,” though he admitted “there were times I had a guest, and there was fighting.”

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