Judge Blasted for Releasing Violent Antisemitic Suspect on $1,000 Bail - The Jewish Voice
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Judge Blasted for Releasing Violent Antisemitic Suspect on $1,000 Bail

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(VINnews) — The disgraceful New York City justice system has allowed another suspect to go free, an alleged anti-semite who is accused of a vicious hate crime.

Suleiman Othman was arrested Monday for attacking two men in Brooklyn in December, after he saw one of them wearing an IDF shirt. On Tuesday Othman was released by a leftist judge on just $1,000 bail.

Dov Hikind and Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov posted a video on Twitter outside the courthouse, blasting the egregious decision.

Mr. Hikind said, “The criminal justice system is a farce, a joke, and this endangers every single New Yorker.”

He added, “This person committed a hate crime, attacked two innocent people and beat one up. It’s unconscionable.”

The former assemblyman thanked the prosecutor but blasted the judge. “We appreciate the DA asking for $35,000 bail, but the judge–what a joke, the lawyer for this defendant said this is ‘no big deal.’ Beating up a freaking jew is not a big deal.

“We will follow this case and we trust that DA Gonzalez will pursue this until the very end and Mr. Suleiman ends up in jail.”

Councilwoman Vernikov said, ”This revolving door of justice has to stop, we are going to keep fighting.”

In late December, the two young Jewish men were brutally attacked in Brooklyn because they where Jewish.

Blake Zavadsky and Ilan Kaganovich, both 21, were at a Foot Locker in Bay Ridge when they were allegedly accosted by two attackers after they noticed Blake wearing an IDF sweatshirt.

“They asked us what we were doing in their neighborhood,” Zavadsky said. “They called us ‘dirty Jews.’”

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