Face mask helps Israeli police uncover rapist from 13-year-old case - The Jewish Voice
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Face mask helps Israeli police uncover rapist from 13-year-old case

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By World Israel News Staff

Israeli police announced Thursday that new DNA evidence helped them identify a suspect in a previously unsolved rape case dating back to 2009.

The victim, a tourist visiting Israel, reported to police that she had been violently raped in a Jerusalem public park by a stranger.

She said a man had offered to help her carry a musical instrument to her car, then led her through a park where he struck her in the head multiple times and sexually assaulted her.

DNA samples were taken from the victim at a Jerusalem hospital, but at the time, no match was found within the police database.

While the investigation went cold and no charges were filed, the police had narrowed potential suspects down to several men.

Last week, thanks to advances in forensic technology, police were able to positively identify their prime suspect.

Police declined to say exactly how they confirmed the man’s identity but insinuated it was accomplished via covert methods.

In a statement made to Hebrew-language media, the police revealed that a face mask discarded by the suspect had played a critical role in the identification process.

“The cracking of the case and the suspect’s arrest were made possible thanks to the perseverance of Jerusalem District forensic investigators and their use of advanced technological methods and creative investigative actions,” said Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Turgeman.

Investigators said they had located the victim, who is living abroad, and informed her that the perpetrator has been arrested and would be tried shortly on charges of sexual assault.

The suspect’s identity was not cleared for media publication on Thursday, but police said he is a resident of Jerusalem in his 30s who allegedly committed the crime when he was in his late teens.

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