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Biden’s Gaffes Send Russia a Message of Weakness

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During the 2020 election campaign, Biden hawked his 40+ years of chumminess with world leaders and how, if he were elected president he would repair our “fractured” relations with our allies. He also repeatedly reminded voters that Trump was in collusion with Russia and if re-elected, would sell this nation down the river if ordered so by Putin. Now, after watching a feeble brained, helpless Biden respond to questions at only his second press corps event since entering the WH, we and our enemies sadly know better. Emboldened by Biden’s obvious physical frailties, ineffectiveness, lack of focus and hesitation to “speak softly but carry a big stick,” during his months’ long negotiations with Putin over the Russian dictator’s aggressive threats against his smaller neighbors, the former KGB leader appears ready to move against Ukraine. And Biden is muttering meaningless threats under his breath…which few in the know take seriously.

“Weakness does indeed invite aggression. His (Biden’s) national security threat is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Michael McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member, last week. He predicted, that from the information he’s been receiving, Russia will invade Ukraine within the next month. Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) chimed in that, “This president has brought us to the brink of war through weakness.” Biden started the “shiver shake” among those in the know, last week, when he squinted at the camera and told the watching world that the size of the Russian invasion would dictate how much and how seriously the U.S. and NATO would respond. Was our president basing our actions on a “little war” as compared to a big one? With today’s weaponry there is no such thing as a small war.

Soldiers and civilians alike would be killed, slaughtered by rockets, aircraft, munitions and the usual horror follow up to any conflict. Scary as all get out after our humiliating defeat, surrender to and full scale retreat from the primitively armed Taliban in Afghanistan. Russia is a major, nuclear armed force with over 100,000 trained brutal troops massed on Ukraine’s border ready to pounce. Putin’s precise evaluation of Biden as weak and unfocused will lead to international disaster unless we act at once to scare the “you know what” out of Russia. We must invoke terrific sanctions against Russia, NOW, before they take irrevocable, irreparable actions leading to total war. We’ve got to backtrack on Biden’s imbecilic support for the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe which keeps the continent, especially Germany, dependent on Russia. We must immediately restart our own Keystone energy pipeline to make us again energy independent from the likes of Russia and our other enemies. We must take international financial steps to freeze Russian accounts and to threaten to ostracize them commercially to warn Putin off of invading his tiny neighbors. How would Trump’s handling of this situation differ from Biden’s? Brings tears to our eyes.

Right now, by all accounts and polling data, Biden has the support of about only 30% of Americans. Tomorrow’s figures will surely be lower. He’s also on a tailspin among his own party members who are trying to disassemble the Rubik Cube-like puzzle of what to do with his Constitutional replacement, VP Kamala Harris, whose standing among the voters is even below that of the president. They are both useless as leaders of this great land. Putin know this and so do his fellow tyrants who run Iran, China, N. Korea and Cuba. They are thugs and they will pounce. We’re now in deep doo. We must all raise our strong, united voices, in opposition to our disjointed leaders urging them to show extreme strength against our avowed enemies. Our voters put us in this situation and those same people must now speak and act to somehow get us out. A prayer in this situation would greatly help. Let’s all join in……

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