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Andrew Yang Says Biden Won’t Run In 2024

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Citing sources within the Democratic Party, Andrew Yang says it’s now unlikely that Joe Biden will run again for president in 2024 and that donors are sitting back waiting for a better candidate to emerge.

Yang explained how he originally thought Democrats would run Biden to “avoid a fractious primary,” but has since changed his mind.

In addition to Biden’s political agenda stalling, according to Yang, donors are starting to get cold feet.

“There has been increasing unease from large DNC donors,” wrote Yang. “One donor told me that several funders were openly talking about sitting out the next cycle until they knew what/who they were backing.”

“Another suggested that donors were trying to figure out who to coalesce around as a new candidate in 2024,” he added. “If donors are talking this way, they certainly have multiple candidates in-waiting who are thinking this way.”

Yang also revealed that he has “heard from at least a couple of people who are considering mounting a challenge.”

“As the sense deepens that Joe may not run for a 2nd term, people are beginning to prepare their own runs for 2024,” wrote Yang.

The urgency to find a new candidate has increased now that “Trump is so clearly the Republican frontrunner,” according to Yang, who also notes that there is likely to be a strong 3rd party candidate

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