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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Your Race Now Determines the Crime

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This “racism” business has now reached the heights of madness. It’s Leftist, Literary, Lunacy gone nuts. Just your incorrect, to them, terminology of a crime, your mere description of it, will have you labeled as a racist. When swarming crowds of young black thugs rampaged through stores during the recent summer riots, pillaging them and running out with the merchandise (without paying), it was normal to call those actions, “looting.” Now the political pundits demand these actions by blacks be termed, “grab and run,” and that’s now the liberal, literary law, carved in stone. “Looting” is racist.

We’ll call on Julian Glover, ABC7 News Bay Area maven on racism, who is known in that loony area as its, “Race and Social Justice” reporter for his take. He demands we refer to these criminal incidents simply as “robberies” or “thefts” because the word “looting” is racist. To support his claim, he cites Lorenzo Boyd, Phd, Professor of Criminal Justice 7 Community Policing at the University of New Haven, who claims that “Looting is a term we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing.”

And LA Times executive editor, Norman Pearlstine, also chimed in that using the word “looting” in relation to the unrest and destruction that had taken place during the George Floyd protests has a “racist connotation.” He’s quoted, “One of the active debates we had over the past week was about the use of he word “looting” to describe the destruction of property. The feeling among the black journalists at the LA Times who frankly educated the rest of us was the fact that looting had a pejorative, racist connotation.” So black reporters have to educate us as to the correct meaning and the correct use of certain words. We’d rather go to the Merriam Webster Dictionary as an unbiased source where we learn that the word looting is referred to as “plundering or sacking on a large scale connected by violence, or “to seize and carry away by force.” Enough for us. Looting is criminally stealing. And that’s by blacks, whites or greens. The race of the criminal is not relevant.

But one step further: How do we stop these actions or at least slow them down? We’ve got to start at the ballot box to elect officials who will react harshly to them and they utilizing the existing laws against criminals and their acts of violence. The race of the perpetrators is meaningless and should not be an issue. The current crime wave has been encouraged by how our leaders react to such acts of violence. Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of the crime wracked city of Chicago has blamed the shops for the crime wave. She’s called on retail establishments to chain up their high-end handbags, hire more security, have more cameras and spend fortunes to protect their wares from looters.

No mention of more cops patrolling the streets. She along with many other Woke mayors have reduced their police budgets leading to a swarm of law enforcement people apply for early retirement or just quit. We’re in the midst of a national crime wave that seems to be out of control. And to bring race into the picture, ignoring the fact that young, black youth are disproportionally involved is dangerous nonsense. We are wasting time arguing about the terminology involved with crimes. Looting, grab and run, smash and grab…whatever you name it, it’s criminal and must be dealt with by protecting our citizenry from any act of crime. Ignore the race of the criminal. Just lock ‘em up and get them off the streets.

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