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The Israeli Game of “Matkot” is Alive and Well in Tel Aviv, Brooklyn & Across the World

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For those not in the know, there’s a brand new sport in town that will add hours of fun to your exercise and recreational schedule. All the way from the beautiful Tel Aviv beach in Israel comes a hame that needs only paddles, a ball and some enthusiastic players. The game is called Matkot (Paddles) and in the following videos, you will get an idea of what this favorite Israeli past time is all about.

A Matkot afficionado, Mona Henoch took this game and started a business where she teaches people the art of the game and how to really enjoy what it represents. Because there are no winners or losers, everyone feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Having taken hold throughout the length and breadth of Israel, Ms. Henoch decided to export the game to the United States. She contacted a friend who operates the Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Brooklyn to find out if she thought the students would be interested. Not only were they curious about this Israeli game, but they are playing it with palpable gusto and really love it.

In the other video presented here, you will see an Israeli man who created and developed the very first museum dedicated to the game called “Matkot.”  Meet Amnon and visit his museum which features Israeli champions of the game and the paddles and other equipment that they used. Amnon dedicated the building to the city of Tel Aviv in order that the museum could be funded and expanded. People from across the world spend hours at this museum as they are in awe of the history of “Matkot” and want to learn more about it.

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