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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Why are Jews Silent???

Dear Editor:

A recent Shabbos sermon by my rabbi down in South Florida (afraid of naming his or my name) left me gasping. He proudly talked about a Palestinian friend of his whom he brought to the shul for a talk to the constituents. I was p north at that time. The rabbi talked of this guy’s love for Jews yet, in the same breath, advocated Israel’s permitting millions of “displaced” Arabs, the right of return. The rabbi is a known Progressive liberal who openly campaigned for Obama’s election and has the chutzpah to praise Biden’s harsh stand against Israel.

What is it about my friends and neighbors, also members of this shul, who refuse to face the reality that the Democrat Party to which they belong, is not on their side? Why can’t they see the obvious Jew hating within the party that is not repudiated openly by Jewish legislators sent to D.C. to represent their views? It’s about time we spoke up, as blacks do, to stand up for ourselves. Or maybe, it’s too late.

(Name With-held)


Inflation Hitting Home

Dear Editor,

As a good shopper, I keep grocery store receipts. I compared a recent one to another a year old. The enormous (to me) increase in prices staggered me. Gasoline is another item whose price has skyrocketed under the current administration. How long before this inflation ruins the country?

The fault lies really, on the voters who put Biden in office. I live in Brooklyn where my neighbors are not religious Jews but are religious Democrats. They vote the party line no matter who runs for office on the Dem ticket. Of course, they pay the same prices I do and must notice the increase in costs. But they remain silent sufferers. When I mention the low gas prices under Trump, they either shrug their shoulders and walk away or yell at me, with bloodshot eyes, that he was “a crook.” They are totally insane. And I’m living in the asylum they created.

Leonard Wolfsohn


Kamala Harris is a Fraud

Dear Editor:

How in the world did an idiot like Kamala Harris get to be Vice-President? With Biden obviously failing more and more each day, she’s a sure bet to take the helm of the nation shortly. Heaven help us. She’s an empty dress, making her political mark by being the mistress of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Her accomplishments are nil. Yet, she’s going to run and ruin the lives of nearly 400 million and throw in the rest of the free world.

I sound like “doom and gloom” but I know I’m right on the money. She may be married to a Jewish guy but my next door neighbor who came from Ireland, is more Jewish than the First Husband. Political stupidity is the name of the game of America’s electorate.

Jack Harris,
Oakland, California


DeSantis is a Straight Shooter

Dear Editor:

Your letter writer of December 10th who wrote praising Florida Governor, was right on the money. Governor Ron is a straight shooter, who calls the shots as he sees them and he’s always for he people. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you benefit from good government. And down here, in the sunny clime, we get it. No mask mandates, no closing of businesses and laid off employees. Business is booming, housing is through the roof because of the benefits found here.

But the feds’ handing out money to people to stay home and do nothing has made it hard for businesses to keep up with the demands made on them by the growing population. Dishwashers are in short supply, demand higher wages and they get them. New Yorkers and other Easterners are flocking here and I hope they see what a Conservative state looks like. Our legislatures and Governor are all Republican and so are both of our senators. We have no state income tax, crime is low (in Republican areas), schools are top notch and our medical resources challenge those of the NYC. Our colleges are all open with top accredidation. And if you’re a golfer, ballplayer or like to fish, you can do it all year round. Geddouda New York!

Barney Helfand
Delray Beach


Kudos to Vito Fassella

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Staten Island Borough President to-be, Vito Fassella, who will stand up to the City Council who all voted to give non-citizens and illegal aliens the right to vote in our local elections. This is outrageous. If they want to voice their opinions legally as to whom they want representing them, let them strive to become legal citizens. Do we want transients, such as students, migrants and illegals to have a voice in our elections and our futures? Do we want these groups selecting our school boards? I for one do not. I chose to live here when I immigrated from Morocco and I immediately got to work studying and readying myself for citizenship. I even had to learn English. And I did. So can the others. They have to want to. If not, let them keep out of our business.

Isaac Stern
Staten Island


Saying Goodbye to DeBlasio

Dear Editor:

I can’t wait for DiBlasio to leave office. He doesn’t have to stop there. He can get out of town totally and out of our lives. He’s brought the city down to its knees and until his last days as Mayor he keeps screwing things up. Who in the world voted for this schmuck? The schools are run down. They are now run by a woman who was merely a substitute teacher who probably couldn’t even make it to be a regular teacher. And she makes the decisions for over 1 million kids? Can she even pass a regents exam? And the rest of our public services are just as bad. Run by politicos who serve their own interests.

And where did the nearly 1 billion dollars given to his wife when she ran a city committee go? It apparently disappeared into thin air. Was there ever any investigation where our tax dollars went? Wasn’t the City Council concerned or even a bit interested? Corruption from City Hall. I pray that Adams is better at meeting the needs of our citizens. He never was outstanding as borough president but let’s give him a chance to see if his police experience will lead to lower crime rates. Right now, we’re a city locked down by Covid and Crime. Let’s see…..

Joseph Davidson

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