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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Thinks Jewish Voice Leads Fox in News Coverage

Dear Editor:

I spoke with David at the Jewish Voice about a problem i was having reading my on line news letter for Sunday and

Monday. After following David’s instructions I was able to read my news letter again. FYI, I forward the Jewish Voice to

three Jewish friends every day. We enjoy your news letter very much.

I watch the two Fox Cable News Channels every day and the Jewish Voice leads Fox in its daily news reports almost

every day. In fact i feel Fox News reads the Jewish Voice & then takes those stories to its TV news out ets. Also your coverage of Israel’s ongoing news is very important for Americans to understand fully and the Jewish news does this very well each day.

Please keep up your very good reporting.

God Bless your business,

God Bless America,

God Bless Israel,

John Vale
Long Island


Critical of VP Kamala Harris

Dear Editor:

How in the world did an idiot like Kamala Harris get to be Vice-President? With Biden obviously failing more and more each day, she’s a sure bet to take the helm of the nation shortly. Heaven help us. She’s an empty dress, making her political mark by being the mistress of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Her accomplishments are nil. Yet, she’s going to run and ruin the lives of nearly 400 million and throw in the rest of the free world.

I sound like “doom and gloom” but I know I’m right on the money. She may be married to a Jewish guy but my next door neighbor who came from Ireland, is more Jewish than the First Husband. Political stupidity is the name of the game of America’s electorate.

Jack Harris
Oakland, California


Former New Yorker Shocked by City

Dear Editor:

I was in NYC for business last week. I was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and moved out to Masssapequa when I married. Moved down to Florida for safety and taxes. Haven’t been to the City in years and was amazed at how it has gone down hill. Vagrants everywhere. Some stores boarded up. People walking around outside with masks on. Dirty streets. Not too many cops evident. But I spoke to one of them for a few minutes to get his take on what the city was like under Mayor DiBlasio.

He laughed and told me his wife never spent one easy day while he was on his shift. She never knew if he would come home….alive. He felt the new Mayor Adams, was a big question mark. He’s black and owes his election to being black and may cater to his race. That worried him since most of the crime and the criminals in the city are black, he felt the criminal justice system will continue to favor the criminals and permit them to stay out of jail awaiting trial. He ended the conversation telling me that he had five years to retire and he couldn’t wait.

Stanley Siegel
Delray Beach, Florida


Loves Everything About the JV!

Dear Editor:

I’ve been reading your paper for some time now and have come to the conclusion it’s just about the best Jewish weekly on the market here in the New York. In Cleveland, my home town, the Federation rules the roost with these publications and calls the shots for their articles and editorials. No such problem with your paper. I enjoy your varied contributors on the op-ed pages, your editorials and especially your news reporting which is unbiased and easy reading. Keep it up.

Arnold Seligman


Ron DeSantis – Best Governor in Country

Dear Editor:

I gratefully live in the great state of Florida under the governorship of Ron De Santis who has to be the best governor in the country. Here’s a guy who served in Iraq, was a super House member and now is a true leader of our state. He’s become a target of the radical Left Media because of his talents at handling crises such as the Chinese Virus pandemic. Stores never closed, business has boomed and we’re being flooded with people coming from liberal states to escape the rules and taxes imposed on them by such as Cuomo, Murphy and Lamont. He’d be a great president but I’ll take him merely as governor in order to keep this state as great as it is.

Norman Brodsky
Boca Raton, FL


Un-American Attitudes of Pro Athletes

Dear Editor:

I used to be a sports fan, locked on to my TV set for baseball, football and basketball. No more. Ask me who won the most recent World Series and I’ll shake my head. And I have no interest in the upcoming Super Bowl. I’m back to reading, writing letters and working without thoughts of sports.

The un-American attitudes of pro football players is astonishing. Ditto for their basketball brothers. Most are barely literate, all miraculously with college degrees and all are millionaires who would either be in factories assembling some products or on the streets. But yet, they are heroes to many. Yet they all follow the America haters and stand with China or the BLM thugs. Sad.

Henry Scheinfeld


Will Inflation Ruin America?

Dear Editor,

As a good shopper, I keep grocery store receipts. I compared a recent one to another a year old. The enormous (to me) increase in prices staggered me. Gasoline is another item whose price has skyrocketed under the current administration. How long before this inflation ruins the country?

The fault lies really, on the voters who put Biden in office. I live in Brooklyn where my neighbors are not religious Jews but are religious Democrats. They vote the party line no matter who runs for office on the Dem ticket. Of course, they pay the same prices I do and must notice the increase in costs. But they remain silent sufferers. When I mention the low gas prices under Trump, they either shrug their shoulders and walk away or yell at me, with bloodshot eyes, that he was “a crook.” They are totally insane. And I’m living in the asylum they created.

Leonard Wolfsohn

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