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Jared Kushner Raises $3B for His New Firm, Affinity Partners

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By Ilana Siyance

Jared Kushner has reportedly raised over $3 billion in committed funds for a new investment firm he is establishing.

As per a report by Reuters on Friday, the former senior White House adviser and son-in-law of former President Donald J. Trump scored international investors for a new investment firm he founded. The report added that the fund-raising is still ongoing and will carry on for the next several months, in order to possibly add more backers and to close on the promised investments for the new entity, which is named Affinity Partners.

Last month, the New York Times had reported that Kushner was trying to raise money—something in the low billions by early next year. At the time, the report said that Kushner was targeting the Gulf states for his fundraising efforts, but was not having much luck.

As per Times of Israel, new details on the origin of investors have not been divulged, but the report said there were American and international investment institutions being approached.

Affinity Partners is aiming to close on its first deal shortly— in the first quarter of 2022. As per Reuters, the firm has already tapped roughly 20 people to work as employees. The source said the firm will likely focus on US-based investments and also investments in the Middle East. In earlier reports, it was said that Kushner was planning to also open an office in Israel which would promote business relations between Israel, India, Gulf states and North Africa.

Kushner already has a working relationship with leaders in many of those countries, as one of his great accomplishments while in the White House was brokering alliances between Israel and the countries including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. His efforts in the region, while they fell short of bringing about peace with the Palestinians, were largely successful at forging new peace with other parts of the Middle East, utilizing the promise of mutually beneficial investments and economic development. The efforts were named the “Abraham Accords”.

As per Times of Israel, while Kushner had been a big part of Trump’s first presidential campaign, the 40-year-old has already indicated that should there be another Trump campaign in 2024, he will not play a role in it.

Kushner divested himself from his family real estate company, Kushner Companies, due to concerns over conflict of interest while he was in the White House. He had also stepped down from his role in the New York Observer for that reason.

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