Flatbush Teens Steal Multiple Cars from Shul Parking Lots on Shabbos - The Jewish Voice
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Monday, August 8, 2022

Flatbush Teens Steal Multiple Cars from Shul Parking Lots on Shabbos

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(VINNews) — A group of off-the-derech teens have been carrying out a disturbing string of car thefts in Flatbush.

The thieves enter shuls, take keys that were left Erev Shabbos, then steal cars that have been parked in shul parking lots for Shabbos. (They’ve also stolen tzedakah funds from pushkas.)

Due to their frum upbringing, the thieves know Hebrew and can read codes on the shul locks to let themselves in. Numerous vehicles have been stolen. At least one car was crashed, and another recovered by Shomrim after it was caught on video, and the thief apprehended.


In total, at least two members of the crime gang have been arrested, thanks to collaboration between Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD.

According to Shomrim, one of the thieves, just 16 years old, has a long criminal history, including two gun arrests this past month, in addition to numerous past arrests. Yet presumably due to ludicrous bail reform policies, he was promptly released and free to commit more crimes.

Shomrim added, “We need to be very careful with these kids. They are fearless.”

Flatbush Shomrim has recovered a large percentage of vehicles, and reports that a number of the teens –no surprise–have long rap sheets.

Flatbush Shomrim has boosted their Shabbos patrols manned by retired NYPD officers. They urge people not to leave valuables in shtenders or any other unsecure areas.

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