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Biden Has Made Us Easy Pickings For Our Enemies

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The United States, for over 100 years was viewed by the rest of the world as the protector of the weak, defender of the oppressed and an economic giant that led the free world to defeat the fascist regimes of Germany and Japan and later caused the former Soviet Union to collapse under our economic and military might. But in a frightening mere 10 months, under the current bumbling Biden regime, we are now viewed as a powerless, aimlessly floating ship, adrift and captainless. Our outspoken enemies, China, Iran and Russia see this clearly and are moving quickly to take advantage of our now obvious to all, vulnerability. Sadly and to our shame, those nations who once proudly looked up to us, to follow in our footsteps to fight oppression, now have second thoughts about our capability to lead. We are in deep doo.

China, a vast fascistic, military and economic imperial giant, currently threatening a takeover of Taiwan, is now simultaneously making inroads into the Atlantic. Not only does it control the vital Panama Canal, but the Wall Street Journal reports that they are now negotiating with the west African country of Equatorial Guinea to set up a naval base on its shore, to make it a two ocean threat to our national security. Undoubtedly, the Chinese, with their economic clout will bribe the corrupt leaders of this poverty wracked nation to permit its modern, aggressive warships to sail the Atlantic. They will rule that ocean.

Putin, as of this writing, is massing nearly 200 thousand troops ready to again invade the Ukraine. He means business and he knows Biden all too well. During Biden’s term as VP to Obama back in 2014, Putin invaded that nation, took over Kiev with our nation shamefully standing by, merely “arming” the Ukrainians with packaged food and warm blankets. Today’s Russia, thanks to Biden’s making us once again dependent on foreign energy supplies by shutting down our Keystone XL and other sources of energy that we exported, has left Europe leaning on Russia for its gas and petroleum sources, crippling their military or economic response to come to Ukraine’s aid. Many think it was no accident that Biden supported the Russian oil pipeline into Germany. Putin will rule Europe.

And Iran now seems, under Biden’s weak-kneed presidency, to rule our Middle East policy. Our president is begging that Islamist state to accept our apologies for Trump’s “rudely” leaving the Iranian/Obama Nuclear deal and to return to it, giving them the green light to become a weaponized nuclear nation. And when Israel and the other signers of the Abrahamic Accords become the first victims of the Mullahs’ mushroom cloud, will Biden’s aides awaken him from his afternoon nap to inform him? They will rule the Middle East.

We are taking the stand that the weak, ineffectual, most probably criminal, Joe Biden presidency, his actions and appointments to key positions has made this nation vulnerable to its outspoken enemies. It’s clearly evident that our leadership role in the world has become non-existent, making it a snap for our adversaries to have easy pickings on the victims they choose. We fear we may be in line to be one of the prey on their list.

And let’s not forget the Biden Open Door Policy that is permitting illegal immigrants to flood into our nations with benefits not available to one of our ordinary citizens. Those millions who defiantly march across our border with Mexico don’t have to be troubled with our normal immigration policy that is applied sternly to those who legally live in, visit or even return to our country. Illegals are considered by the Biden administration as special. They are welcomed into our nation without any documentation regarding their background, history, medical records or criminal checks. Many criminals who have entered our country have already made their indelible marks on our people through murder, rape and other crimes. Our own citizens must jump through hoops to even travel within our own country. They must wear masks, have documentation of vaccination and even, hold your breath, photo identification to board. And the illegal children, many with all sorts of illnesses, including diphtheria, measles, mumps and Covid entering illegally will end up in our schools, with our kids, contaminating them. No problem for our leaders.

There have been validated reports of illegals from over 140 foreign countries, none of whom have been medically examined for Covid-19 tuberculosis or any other communicable diseases, being transported by bus and air around the country from our southern border, and deposited in the middle of the night to disappear among our citizenry. Among them are Islamists and members of the drug cartels who run Mexico. The “open to all” policy permits drug and juvenile sex traffickers to have open season on us by having their products flow into our country to basically destroy our way of life. Our leaders have even offered nearly one half a million dollars to compensate illegal families who were, based solely on their word, separated at the border for that inconvenience. Madness.

We’re also reminded of our unprecedented defeat at the hands of the primitive Taliban in Afghanistan and the wave of well over one hundred thousand undocumented “refugees” from that nation who were flown into our country. “Who vetted them?” you may ask. The Taliban did. They had control of the single airport in Kabul and gave their approval to each and every passenger out of that airport. We must assume, that among these “immigrants” were plants of that terrorist group, now residing among us. No explanation for this immigration has been given to us. It’s now all history; meaningfully forgotten.

Illegal immigration, masked with the tears of those who call this “a humanitarian gesture,” is destroying our nation from within. No armies have ever inflicted such damage to us. But we are succumbing to this destructive warfare labeled as “immigration” to render us eventually, a third world country. We may live to regret it. Our children surely will.

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