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When Will Hillary be Prosecuted for the “Trump Collusion Conspiracy?”

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Which will come first? A democracy in Iran or the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton for one of her many illegal escapades. Our bet, hands down for winner, is free and open elections in Mullah-land. The former First Lady, “Carpet Bag” Senator from New York, Secretary of State and lastly, Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC), seems to have some other-worldly power to keep committing crimes of the most grievous nature and still come out of her corner ready to violate our laws over and over again. But will the ongoing Durham investigations into the long tale of false Russia collusion allegations against the 2016 Trump campaign do the unthinkable and finally have her walk away in cuffs? It’s a “Wait and See” game.

But now, Special Counsel John Durham’s latest indictment of Igor Danchenko, a Russian national who was the main source for Christopher Steele’s dossier naming Trump as being in cahoots with Russia may have HRC checking her passport and packing her bags for a quick flight to Venezuela. Igor, was previously interviewed by the FBI in its investigation concerning the source of the dossier, and the indictment claims he lied to them repeatedly, hiding that he was working with a Hillary linked Democratic public relations firm with ties to the her presidential campaign. Although Trump won the election this fabricated story of Trump being a Russian agent and traitor was gobbled up and regurgitated by the

Left Wing media ‘til this morning. It never seems to stop. It did much to derail Trump’s re-election bid.

There is obviously more to come out of this investigation. But we must ask, why was this Bid Lie not thoroughly investigated by the Feds and the usually curious media from its birth back in 2016? Rocords show that former FBI Director, James Comey knew that this Danchenko guy was a liar and he did little to dig into the legitimacy of the FISA request to investigate Trump, initiated by a law firm that had ties to the Clinton presidential campaign. We’d also like to find out why former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who looked into this bogus tale for over three years and had access to all the information the FBI had, never brought out the Clinton involvement in this scheme.

Ditto for the media, whose eyes to Hillary’s criminalities seem to be as closed as the eyes of President Biden’s. An edition of this past week’s Washington Post noted that the Durham indictments “cast new uncertainty on some past reporting on the dossier by news organizations. You bet they do! Recall that back during the 2016 Democrat Presidential primary debates between HRC and Bernie Sanders, then Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile and reportedly the anti-Sanders CNN, slipped Hillary some of the questions beforehand. No criminal prosecution there.

Mr. Durham, to his credit, is going step by step to determine who and how many people are to be held responsible for keeping this country on edge for nearly four years by fabricating stories that falsely demeaned, criminalized and victimized a duly elected president of the United States and did much to disrupt the daily lives of many millions of its citizens. We’re looking for criminal prosecutions and the proper sentences to guarantee that no one is above the law. We’ll be patient. Look how long it took the Chicago Cubs to win their latest World Series.

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