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Video Resurfaces of Rapper Travis Scott Spitting on Fan, Calling For Violence to Crowd

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ALANA MASTRANGELO A video that appears to show rapper Travis Scott spitting on a fan and calling for a crowd to “f##k him up” during a 2015 concert in Switzerland has resurfaced in the wake of a crowd surge at Scott’s performance at the Astroworld Music Festival on Friday in Houston, Texas, where at least eight people were killed.

“Come here, bitch. Get that motherf###er. Get him! You tried to take my shoe? You want to be a thief? Fu#k him up! Fu#k him up!”shouted Scott while pointing at a fan who reportedly tried to steal a Yeezy sneaker off his foot while the rapper was crowd surfing during his concert.

Scott can then be seen spitting on a fan, before throwing an item into the crowd, and then again, repeatedly shouting “f##k him up” while the crowd jeered.

Watch Below:

“Get him out of here — f##k his ass up,” the rapper said, before appearing to throw his microphone off the stage, causing a loud thud, which elicited a response of screams from members of the crowd.

In 2017, Scott was charged for encouraging fans to rush a stage. The rapper’s performances are known for being chaotic shows with concertgoers encouraged to take part in unruly behavior involving mosh pits, crowd surfing, and stage diving.

Now, concertgoers who say they were injured at Astroworld on Friday have filed lawsuits against Scott, as well as rapper Drake — who appeared as a surprise performer — and the venue and entertainment company, Live Nation.Reports of such incidents have resurfaced in the wake of at least eight people being killed during Scott’s performance at Astroworld on Friday, after a surge of concertgoers caused a crush when “the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage,” according to officials.

At least three lawsuits have been filed so far, two of which are seeking $1 million in damages.


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