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Suspect in SUV Attack Posted Violent Anti-White Rhetoric, Encouraged Violence Against Whites

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Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old black male with a long criminal history, has been identified as the individual allegedly responsible for the horrific rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin which killed at least five and injured dozens of others, some of them children.


Early reports emerged claiming that the culprit was fleeing the scene of a crime or running from a “knife fight,” although this hasn’t been confirmed, AP for example reported there was no fleeing from police and a crime scene.


“Media reports have confirmed the identity of the alleged driver, Darrell E. Brooks, a registered sex offender who admitted in a video that he pimps children. The career criminal was released back into the streets on a paltry $1000 bond despite being charged with bail-jumping and facing a plethora of violent felonies and misdemeanors just over two weeks ago, according to Wisconsin Court Records”, The Quartering on Twitter reported.


Not only is the suspect a violent felon, but he is also a black supremacist evidently, and a devout follower of BLM ideology.


Brooks Jr is more well known as the Soundcloud rapper Mathboi Fly. One of his songs titled “Minnesota”(LINK) covers familiar racial grievance territory and name-checks BLM icons George Floyd and Eric Garner while asserting, “Try and use deadly force we gonna go harder. Fuck a price, burn it down, this ain’t Bob Barker”,  Summit media points out.

Independent researchers online quickly discovered his social media droppings



Another post from during the George Floyd riots encourages black to commit random violence against white people.


Summit.News wrote:

Researchers have also noted that Daniel Thompson, the police chief of Waukesha, led a Black Lives Matter march in June 2020 and made his officers kneel in homage to the extremist movement.

Concerns are therefore growing that any connection between the horrific truck attack BLM will be buried by authorities.

The town where the tragedy happened in 89% white, meaning the vast majority of the victims are likely to be white.

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