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Random Murder on The 2 Train, Maniac Slashes Man’s Neck

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TJVNEWS.COM In a scene reminiscent of a slasher film, blood was splattered all over Penn Station, after a  sociopath murdered a man on a 2 train as it rolled into Penn station.

AM NY reported:

Detectives are on the hunt for the killer who stabbed a 32-year-old man to death in an unprovoked attack on board a subway train at Penn Station early Sunday morning.

Police released images Sunday morning of the suspect sought for the murder that happened just before 12:17 a.m. on Nov. 21 on board a Bronx-bound 2 train approaching the 34th Street-Penn Station stop.

Based on a preliminary investigation, investigators determined that the unknown perpetrator approached the victim and, without any prior altercation, plunged a knife in the man’s neck. 

The psychotic killer, took advantage of COVID mask rules, making it very hard to see the murderer’s face. Penn Station is one of the most frequented train stations in NYC, and the 2 train is one of the most ridden trains in the city. This horrific crime has received very little press and the victim’s name has been withheld.

” This is the nightmare of every straphanger, a random psycho just extinguishes your life, ever see the 1980’s horror film Maniac, when the killer chases a victim thru Columbus Circle train station, hunting her down? This is almost like that film coming to life, that film was a reflection of that kind of atmosphere that permeated NYC in 1980, I fear we are experiencing the same kind of fear in NYC, once more, due to deranged leadership, that has literally sympathized with criminals over normal people”,  an eloquent 2 train rider, from Morris Park in the Bronx told TJV News.


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