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Monday, May 23, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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How to Always Remember the Holocaust

Dear Editor:

By brilliantly formatting our “handling” of the Holocaust via his new “Siddur” ( Service of Prayer Book). Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg has not only effected the best way to remember the horrors of the Holocaust as well as honing in on the most moving way we memorialize our martyrs. He also ensures the best way that we never ever forget.

Each and every day a Jew is shown that the best way to remember is through praying. Remembrance is as crucial to prayer as is our pleas & our praise. And when we pray with a reverential ritual and relevant material at hand, we never forget. This is what makes the siddur so special for this task and goal.

It is in the siddur where we can get a handle on dealing with our human state of emotions ;our spiritual state of being. It is in the siddur where we find the readings, rituals and rites as well as the expressions that encompass and guide all our feasting and fasting; our sorrows and celebrations.

With his judicious and painstakingly personal selections , Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg through his newly published” Holocaust Memorial Siddur” has contributed most meaningfully to Isaiah’s clarion call of “Yad VaShem” and thus creating a substantial marker and an everlasting legacy that provides the ways and means to remember. And never forget!

Rabbi Ira Samuel Grussgott, MSc.; CPE


American Jews & Israel

Dear Editor:

I’ve had it with “reputed” Jews who still support the Democrat Party although they are fully aware that The Squad of Jew haters runs the show and is in control. How else to understand their refusal to even discuss in conversation, the recent refusal of the United States representative to the General Assembly to cast a “Nay” vote on the issue of affirming the right of Palestinians to return to Israel as voting citizens. We voted to abstain. This overt lack of support for the Jewish State is lunacy and should be a leading issue among American Jewry. I call on all rabbis to mention it in their Shabbos sermons. When will we wake up? Who is leading us?

Bernie Schlossman


Gov Hochul & the LIRR

Dear Editor:

Governor Kathy Hochul’s recent ride on a test train to the new Long Island Rail Road Grand Central Terminal was a great photo op, but omitted critical facts. Since 2001, costs have grown from $3.5 billion to $11.2 billion today. This does not include $4 billion more for “readiness projects” carried off line from the official project budget.

The opening service date slipped from 2009 to December 2022.

In our post COVID-19 world, 60,000 new LIRR riders on opening in December 2022 remains doubtful. Riders saving 40 minutes depends upon how long it takes to exit followed by how many blocks walking, transfer to a subway or bus before reaching their final destination.

Travel time from Jamaica to Grand Central Terminal was 27 minutes versus 20 minutes to Penn Station. The subway from Penn Station one stop to Times Square transferring to the 42nd Street Shuttle arriving in GCT is seven minutes or less.

Many will continue telecommuting from home part or full time. There will be fewer face to face meetings and conferences, with increased usage of teleconference technologies. Manhattan based corporations continue downsizing. Others are relocating employees to suburban offices closer to home.

Larry Penner


The Grinch in Washington

Dear Editor:

Joe Biden A.K.A. the Grinch is putting a damper on everyone’s upcoming holidays. For starters, the price of a Thanksgiving dinner is going to be 50% higher this year since every food item is doubling in price. The size of turkeys will be very limited this year. People will have to choose between having a Happy Hanukkah or Christmas or keeping their homes warm and children well fed. The price of home heating oil and gas is going up 40% or more and for those in the rural areas who use propane, it is going up 70%. The supply chain is broken, so many gift you ordered will be sitting in the ports unloaded and undelivered in time for the holidays.

This all could have been avoided, we were completely ENERGY INDEPENDENT before Joe Biden took office. He shut down the pipe line resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs and the United States having to beg O.P.E.C. to produce more oil. Now Russia and Saudi Arabia are getting richer while Americans citizens have to pay the price at the gas pumps and to heat their homes. This is a complete disaster and it never had to happen. This President is the Grinch who will steal your holidays and bring the worst inflation America has seen in decades. The pity is, the Marxists in Washington and Biden don’t care at all about your family. The middle class will suffer the most. Our only hope is next November’s election, wake up, throw them out.

Elissa J. Maldonado
Brooklyn, NY


Supports Palestinian Consulate in J’slm

Dear Editor:

Your editorial of November 5th, attacked President Biden for opening a Palestinian Consulate office in Jerusalem. You are flat-out wrong! I’m a fervent Reform Jew, who sees the Palestinians as an oppressed people under the domination of Israel. I stand firmly by the Biden Administration, Bernie Sanders and The Squad in their determination to fairly treat all people with dignity, respect and honor. Where is the outcry from politically conservative Jews about the killing of innocent Muslims by the IDF? If there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, Israel must stop its domination of Palestinians and finally sit down and discuss the implementation of a Two State Solution. Listen to those who understand the plight of oppressed: Blacks, Immigrants and Palestinians and come to grips with what’s the right thing to do.

Elissa Goldstein

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