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Monday, May 23, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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The Insanity of the Election Season

Dear Editor:

Election Day has come and gone. This reminds me of “The Outer Limits,” a 1960’s television show. With the end of round the clock commercials by politicians, political parties, political action groups and pay for play special interest groups, we now return control of your television back to you until the next election cycle. No more candidates campaign mailings clogging mailboxes and weighing down our hard working postal employees. No more robo calls! Finally, some peace and quite!

Candidates who claimed they cared about the environment can now do their part. Winners and losers should have their paid campaign staff and volunteers pick up all the thousands of campaign signs that litter our roads and highways to help clean up this waste. They could also use left over campaign funds to hire homeless or unemployed people to collect this litter. Let some people with community service be assigned this task. If candidates refuse to clean up after themselves, let the Department of Sanitation do the job and send candidates the bill.

Larry Penner


How Does Israel Spend its Money??

Dear Editor:

Did you know that Miki Haimowich (Israeli leftist leader) wrote on Israel’s delegation to the climate crisis conference and complained that this group has 140 people–the second largest delegation in the world, only second to the United States !! ??

We ask the American Jewish community : Is this what you donated your money so 140 people can have a Junket and hob nob with politicians? Is this how you want your donations wasted ?

Did you also know that the Israeli government has in its budget to give 17 BILLION dollars to terrorist supporters (compared to TOTAL of 20 billion Dollars allocated to all of defense) ? The Jewish donors have the right to object to using their donations for junkets and support of terrorist political parties .

You have the power to complain and to put pressure on the Israeli government and the organizations to insist that donations are carefully allocated and not given to allow left wing agenda driven politicians use their money for junkets while there are over ONE MILLION children who don’t have food to eat in Israel and soldiers get paid $200 +/- a month?!!

Make your voices heard ! Tell your friends and family !

Send this message to all your Jewish leadership and friends by email, Facebook and whatsapp. You may share it from Facebook post on “ us int’l data “ group

Udi Schayat


Vaccines for the Very Young??

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Big Pharma, we suppose, for the vaccine update, which we distrust, though appreciate hearing about.

But the need for such children to have such a vaccine is not reliably yet established. as all of us know, such aged are the least likely to transmit or contract or infect others. Why then force children

and their hapless parents, to inject their progeny with basically still unknown after-effects, adverse effects, sequelae?

The drug companies obey the market, which has dictated under the resent unwholesome/unreasonable administration to vaccinate the entire population,. whether wise or not, whether contraindicated or not, whether actually deleterious or not, so they rushed this version of their vaccines to market, despite the obvious non-necessity of such a modality.

It is simply unconscionable that despite the science, which is well-known and understood, that this dictatorial, authoritarian regime has chosen the strangulation of mandates and endless public service announcements that are highly questionable and drowning to force parents and others to vaccinate their innocent victims.

Unconscionable and wrong.

Teenaged boys in Israel have had adverse events in high numbers including myocarditis, which problematic affliction would not have even been a consideration without the pressured vaccinations they were bullied into. Pfizer made vaccines available first and plentifully if Israel made itself the willing first data-collecting guinea swine for their aborning vaccine/s.

Adverse events often take months or years to surface. The current sera have not been in the pipeline long enough to ascertain with any certitude that long-term results of taking the shot or shots will be adverse-event free. Short-term results, though of some value, are certainly not dispositive on the long arc of lives lived multifariously.

Why should we submit to these blandishments? Why should a black physician shill to persuade black potential arms-to-be to submit? Why on earth should 24,000 decent, hard-working professionals we lauded as First-Responders be furloughed without pay, unless they submit to the draconian wishes of a clearly impaired and hardly credible doddering place-holder leftwing president being manipulated behind the scenes by persons unknown but with their own agendas?

This latest advisory from the dark recesses of the unaccountable worst presidency in our lifetimes is shockingly unpalatable. and, as we have stated, potentially more than troubling to actually threatening.

Marion DS Dreyfus


Spreading the Wealth Around

Dear Editor:

The letter writer who wrote in on 10/22/2021 regarding “The Downfall of America,” was way off base. We’ve gotten stronger as a nation since President Obama took office in 2009. In fact, we’re a spoiled nation now. We’re used to buying whatever we want and there’s more than enough goods to go around. When my grandparents came to this country, they walked up five flights, had no refrigerator and had their toilets in the communal hallways. We need to spread the wealth and take from those who have too much. If you have over $5,000 in the bank, just sitting there doing nothing, it should go to those who have nothing. Who needs it more? Let’s redistribute idle money and put it to good use in the hands of the needy.

Murray Hammer
East Hampton, NY


‘Woke’ Culture in Sports

Dear Editor:

Your editorial, “ ‘Woke’ Culture Infects the World Series,” of Oct. 29, was right on the money. The Atlanta Braves ran away with the series, sticking a finger in the eye of the baseball commissioner, Robert Manfred. Both he and the winners both deserve what they got. And thanks for the info, reminding me that Obama bent down to kiss the tuchis of the murderous leaders of Cuba, by bringing down major leaguers to play the players who are slaves of the Castro regime whose salaries go mainly to the “C” families. Imagine, American ballplayers making millions playing against guys making hundreds of bucks a year. A joke. On us, of course. For sure, some nut job in the Biden administration will send one of our teams to play in Venezuela. I’ll bet on it.

Morris Edelman

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