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Monday, May 23, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Voting Out Radical Progressives

Dear Editor,

I’ve been a Democrat since my early years in Brooklyn back in the 1940’s. And I still am a proud member of that party. As a Jew, I welcome my brothers and sisters to stick with the party. But we have to vote out the radical Progressives and Jew haters from power. Here in NYC we have to replace the Democrats now in office and put in Conservatives. The only way to change the focus of our party is to weaken it and make them see the light; the error of their ways. We must have a two party system but the Democrats have to be brought back to stark reality. Perhaps a stunning 2022 comeuppance will change the minds of our Dem leaders. They need a wake up call.

Herman Klein
Rochdale Village,


Lori Lightfoot & Crime in Chicago

Dear Editor:

Why don’t the Progressive TV channels focus on the shootings in Chicago and other major U.S. cities that are now ignored by them rather than talking up the “January 6th Insurrection?” This past weekend n the Windy City alone, 34 were shot and 6 killed. And a good bet would be that the perpetrators were people of color. Surprisingly, no registered, Republican, NRA member or White Supremacist has been singled out as one of the shooters. Why not? I’m waiting for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to ban such “racist criminals” from entering her city thusly reducing the crime rate in her town. Why don’t our politicians come clean and demand that those living in inner cities bear the responsibility of preventing such crimes by outing the gang bangers living among them? They, not the harangued police must be their first line of defense.

Joseph Curulli


The Gubernatorial Race in Virginia

Dear Editor:

By the time this letter is published, if it is, the election for Governor in Virginia will be over. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a landslide back to the days of prosperity and safety under President Trump that was totally demolished under Biden. When will the Jews on the Left finally come to the realization that the Democrats are now solidly Jew/Israel haters of the first order and that it’s time to start looking at the Republican support of Israel and giving hat party their support.

Bernie Korn, MD
Richmond, Virginia


Tired of Attacks on President Biden

Dear Editor,

Why is your paper always attacking President Biden? He’s our elected President and should get our respect. He may not be as quick as he once was, but he’s an elder statesman. Many of us know that we slow down as we get older. Biden is no youngster and he should not be expected to do things that younger people do.

I’ve always supported Democrats since I was a kid back in the early 1940’s. My parents loved FDR although there are stories that he did not like Jews. But he gave us social services and won the war for us. Now we are facing the virus that started under Trump. Biden has seen to it that the remedies for this disease got worked on as quickly as possible and has distributed them to the public. Trump did nothing to cure the disease. He was a big talker and always played golf.

Let’s support Biden, Pelosi and our great senator Schumer who will lead us out of this terrible disaster. Let’s redistribute income from the wealthy to the poor. Build up unions. But we’ve got to back Biden and hope that he gets through the next 3 years without being attacked for being too slow and clumsy. After all, he’s no youngster any more. He’s a good man.

Morris Shaw
Rockland County


Delayed Garbage Pickups in NYC

Dear Editor:

I understand that there are city workers who are upset about the vaccine mandates imposed by Biden and Di Blasio, but this does not give them the right to go to work and do nothing. This started a few weeks ago. Our regular garbage pick ups stopped and are delayed by days. The garbage piles up on the streets of Brooklyn and the other boroughs while the sanitation trucks just drive up and down the streets ignoring the piles of recycles and garbage.

These workers are on the clock and not doing their jobs. It has to stop because piles of garbage brings rats, mice, roaches and other vermin. It is completely unfair to punish the citizens and taxpayers of New York City for rules and mandates set by the Mayor. I always respected the hard working Sanitation workers, they are letting us all down now. All I ask is please do the job you are being paid to do.

Elissa J. Greenberg
Brooklyn, NY


Lawlessness in the Wild Streets of Bklyn

Dear Editor:

I am a senior citizen and have lived in Brooklyn most of my life. I have never experienced the dangers and lawlessness happening in the wild streets of Brooklyn. It is no longer safe to go for our daily walks with our dogs. There are people on electric bikes, electric skateboards, and regular bicycles whizzing by on the sidewalk at high speeds with no regard for the safety of pedestrians. In our neighborhood the city spent millions constructing bike lanes all over the neighborhood.

Instead of using these lanes, these disrespectful, selfish lawbreakers, use the sidewalks instead. We have had many close calls, and if I say something to the person, they scream and curse and threaten me. I now carry pepper spray when going on neighborhood walks. This is what you get from de-funding the police. They are far too understaffed to worry about the dangerous sidewalks. On top of that, the vaccine mandates now in effect, will leave us even more vulnerable. Everyone be aware you have to look out for your own safety, nobody else will.

Michael Maldonado
Brooklyn, NY

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