Joe Rogan Destroys Media Spin on Rittenhouse Trial


(TJVNEWS) During a must-see round table discussion involving Alex Jones, Tim Pool, Michael Malice and others, podcast king Joe Rogan warned that the media presentation of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is an example of a “left-wing cult” in action.

Rogan joined Jones and Malice, along with Blaire White on TimCastIRL with hosts Tim Pool, Luke Rudkowski, Ian Crossland, and Lydia Smith.

Speaking of the misrepresentation of Kyle Rittenhouse before and during his trial, Rogan said “this is cult $hit. We’re in a cult. This information is not based on reality. This is a left-wing cult.”

Rogan continued, “They are pumping stuff out and then they are confirming this belief. They are all getting together and they are ignoring contrary evidence.”

They are ignoring any narrative that challenges their belief about what happened and they are not looking at it realistically. They are only looking at it like you would if you were in a f**kin cult,” Rogan further urged.

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