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Israeli bookstores pull books by Israel boycotting writer Sally Rooney

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Arutz Sheva Staff– Two of the largest bookstores in Israel announced they will no longer sell books by Irish novelist Sally Rooney after she refused to have new novel translated into Hebrew by an Israeli publisher.

Booksellers Tzomet Sefarim and Steimatzky will re move Rooney’s books from their stores and online sites, BBC News reported.

The stores have a combined 200 outlets in Israel.

The move by the stores is the first response since the author made the statement in October that she would not approve the Hebrew translation of her novel “Beautiful World, Where Are You” by an Israeli publisher due to her support for the BDS Movement.

Like the acclaimed Irish author’s first two books, “Beautiful World” explores the life and romance of intellectual, urbane millennials. It debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list when it was published in September, following a publicity campaign that came on the heels of Rooney’s popular second novel, “Normal People,” which was also adapted into a TV series.

Rooney, 30, has been open about her opposition to Israel. In July, soon after the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the author was one of thousands of artists to sign a letter accusing Israel of “apartheid” and calling for its international isolation. The letter called for “an end to the support provided by global powers to Israel and its military; especially the United States,” and for governments to “cut trade, economic and cultural relations.”

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